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What is New in Inventory & Purchasing? Presented by: Derek Kratz.

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1 What is New in Inventory & Purchasing? Presented by: Derek Kratz

2 There is a new function on the Inventory Utilities Menu - Update Item Mfg/Vend/Prod/Pricing. This allow mass change of item records for the Manufacturer Codes, Vendor Codes, Product Groups and Pricing Groups. It will update items, vendor items and catalog items.

3 We have added a “Mandatory Return” check box to the Item Master summary tab. If this is checked, the information will display in the Service Order Item grid details.

4 We have added an Activity Tab to Transfer Sheets. Here you can track item changes and deletions. Also, if the entire transfer sheet is deleted, an email is sent automatically to the email address(s) listed on the warehouse record.

5 When running your Inventory List Report in Detail, you now have the option to show item costs on the report. We have added the Quick Format option to the Vendor Item List Report, found in Vendor Item Maintenance using F11-Send To. Now you can output all or part of your vendor item list to excel.

6 New fields added to the Item Catalog File Maintenance Screen. Standard Cost group box, including Standard Cost 1 and Standard Cost 2. Vendor Item group box, including the Vendor Code, Vendor Item Number, Vendor UOM, Vendor Amount, etc. Now you can convert to items with all the necessary information created.

7 New ‘Additional Informatin’ tab added to Manufacturer Maintenance. Includes 34 User Defined fields that are configured in the Inventory Control file. This allows you to create and store an entire screen of infortmation for EVERY vendor you purchase from on each Mfg.

8 Additional options added to Physical Count Calculation. Reorder method criteria, One sheet for all bins, Assigning on hand qty as the counted qty. Global Warehouse application now available to run on a laptop with a blue tooth scanner

9 Update items items as Mandatory from the Price List Import utility. Also an additional column has been added to the import file so you can specify Allow Backorder. Update obsolete & discontinued items easily. Then include or exclude them easily from your Excess Stock Report

10 The Manufacturer’s Code has been added to the Open Transfer Sheet Report. We have added Number of Invoice Sold On to the Items with Highest Use by MFG Report.

11 Serial / Lot tab now displays all 3 dates that are kept by the system- Original Create Date, Create Date, and Last Date

12 Change Bin Location has been added to the Inventory – Utilities menu. You can now mass change bins by warehouse code. We have added the ability to filter by Manufacturer Code in the Transfer All Items Warehouse to Warehouse function.

13 Activities are now recorded when changes are made to an Item or Item Warehouse. Reviewed and modified by are updated whenever a replenishment field is altered.

14 New “Update Item Find Defaults” button in user maintenance. Now you can easily and quickly update a user’s stored preferences. Very handy when you have a large number of items in your item & catalogue file.

15 We have added a new “Overstock” button to the Replenishment Action Report. If selected, the report will create an additional action file viewable on the screen in which you can update your values prior to creating your PO’s and Transfers. Setting this to TRUE will find these parts: If reorder-method = 4, it will find parts where (quantity-on-hand + quantity-on- po > quantity-customer-order – quantity- on-transfer) If reorder-method = 1, it will find parts where [(quantity-on- hand + quantity-on-po) - (quantity- customer-order - quantity-on- transfer) > max-quantity] If reorder-method = 2 OR 5, it will find parts [(quantity-on-hand + quantity- on-po) - (quantity-customer-order - qty-on- transfer) > (order-point + econ-ord-qty)]

16 Create transfers to return parts back to the main warehouse and negative po’s to return items to your vendors. Vendor comments also added to action screen

17 We have added File Room to Warehouse Maintenance. Store physical count variance reports, valuation reports, etc. Two new fields have been added to Item-Warehouse. Order Invoice Quantity for the Previous 12 Months and Service Order Invoice Quantity for Previous 12 Months.

18 The Confirmation Date from the PO Summary Screen has been added to the Scheduled Receipts Report. We have added the PO Line Request Date to the SO / PO information grid. Available in V7(010)

19 Changes to PO lines and deleted PO lines will now be recorded in the activity tab of the PO. Available in V6(001)

20 The PO Memo field in Vendor – PO/Return Info has been increased to allow 250 characters. It is passed to the PO Top Memo field in PO Summary. Available in V5(019) Additional Send Types have been added to allow for Webservice upload. Available in V7(018) You can now tie specific Ship Via Codes to specific Divisions in Vendor Maintenance – PO/Return Info Tab – Ship Via Tab. If these values are present, the Ship Via method you enter on the PO Summary tab will determine the PO Division.

21 A new Purchasing Class field available for grouping together similar vendors. This field has been added to the Vendor Summary tab. It can be used to filter vendors on your replenishment report. Available in V6(012) You can now see the Open Value of any PO’s in the PO tab of your job record. Available in V7(028)

22 Control of the next PO number has been moved to PO Control. If System PO Number is checked the PO number will be system generated. Unchecked allows the user to create a custom PO number. Available in V7(035) Date range and totals have been added to the Vendor AP tab so you can now get totals spent for a given period of time, very quickly. Available in V4(001)

23 You can now link a purchase order to a Vehicle record in Fleet Maintenance and a Transfer Sheet. Linking to a Transfer Sheet allows the inventory to be prioritized to the open transfer when the pick slips are generated. Normal priority for pick slips would be Service Order demand filled first, Orders second and Transfers third. Available in V4(033)

24 New setting in User Maintenance – Print Pick After Receipt. This will allow the person doing receiving to immediately print the pick slip(s) that the receipt has filled. New options also added to Pick Printing to allow you to easily find picks printed on a certain date and by a particular user.

25 The Receipt Entry screen now displays the Average Cost, Vendor Cost and Vendor Number along with the ability to call up Item Inquiry without leaving the screen. We have added a filter for Confirmed PO’s Only to the Purchase Order Report. Available in V7(030)

26 The Open Pick Report has been improved and modified. Additional selection criteria & more columns on the report. You can now use Quick Format to send to an Excel spreadsheet, and we now have an option to find pick slip records with no pick lines.

27 New PO Requisition screen. Allows you to send RFP’s to vendors, then convert to PO when ready.

28 PO’s are now interfaced to UPS. Track your return shipments to vendors.

29 Questions?

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