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How are you managing your audits and inspections? Labelmaster has your answer...

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1 How are you managing your audits and inspections? Labelmaster has your answer...

2 Audit Source v1.0 Your Audit Management Software Solution Powerful, Feature Rich, Easy to Set Up, Simple to Use, and Completely Mobile.

3 Audit Source Makes Auditing Faster and Easier! Design your audit your way. Create any audit, then update, modify and re-use it again 100% customizable for your audit management needs Instantly print and graph reports of your completed audit. Instantly calculate your score of compliance achievement. Conduct accurate trend analysis for better strategic emphasis on safety priorities Automatically create and store your audit records – giving you proof of your standard of due diligence. Send automatic email follow-up to remind your team about tasks.

4 The Audit Source v1.0 Process A Bird’s Eye View of What Audit Source Can Help You Accomplish Link to external documents, spreadsheets or web files Upload to to PDA Hand-Held Device Complete Audits Design Audits Track Follow Up Print Reports Link to REG-Trieve Compliance Database

5 Create Audit and Inspections Design your own audit or buy pre-written templates! Design your audit or inspection template. Quickly edit, add, or copy the template for use as other audits or inspections. Create your own library of audits. Design the responses you want to associate with your questions and load action recommendations based on the response. Audit Source can be purchased with additional pre-filled templates from Labelmaster covering Warehouse, Manufacturing, and OSHA 1910.

6 Complete Audit and Inspections Reduce your auditing time by 50% - 75%. Capturing and recording your audit data has never been easier! Once you design your audit or inspection template, you can enter audit data on your laptop, desktop, hand-held device. You can even print a paper form for data entry! From start to finish, your records are available for easy access…proof of your standard of due diligence!

7 Follow Up Never let outstanding tasks fall through the cracks! With the Follow-Up module, you can create Follow-Up actions while completing your audit. Assign a priority to your Follow-Up and set automatic email “reminders” to track the item to completion. Route email reminders to ensuring action is taken. Analyze follow up trends and completion status

8 Print Reports Fast! Easy! Flexible! Accurate! Audit reports are instantly available for printing and graphing. There are 9 standard system reports available including:- _ Detailed audit finding reports –Follow-Up action reports –Graphical summary reports –Trend Analysis reports –Non Compliance reports Audit Source can also export your audit data to various other formats for your special requirements, including HTML, MS Excel and MS Word!

9 Take your audit with you while you’re on the go ! PDA and Pocket PC Mobile Technology Complete multiple audits or inspections on your hand-held at any one time! Design your checklist in Audit Source v1.0, and then export to your Palm OS PDA or Pocket PC! Complete your checklists, then download them back to Audit Source for reporting, follow up and analysis.

10 REG-Trieve™ Link! Instant regulatory citations linked to your audit questions and reports! Give support to your audits with actual government regulations linked to your audit questions and reports. Labelmaster’s REG-Trieve compliance knowledge base is the largest in the industry. REG-Trieve resides in Audit Source giving you the power to reference important regulations instantly.

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