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Knights of the Round Table

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1 Knights of the Round Table
The Arthurian Legend Knights of the Round Table

2 Knights of King Arthur The best knights of Britain and Europe took their places at the Round Table of King Arthur. The King and his court became famous for bravery, generosity, and a high moral code. Each knight swore on pain of death to be loyal to the king; to be merciful; to defend women; and never to fight in any wrongful cause. Many of these knights aided in both the rise and the fall of Camelot.

3 Sir Lancelot Lancelot was the son of King Ban and Lady Elaine
of Benoic. His godmother was the Lady of the Lake and raised him after his father’s death. She took him to Arthur’s court to become a Round Table knight. On the day Lancelot was to be knighted by King Arthur, he discovered he had forgotten his sword. Queen Guinevere found one for him, and from that moment, he swore to serve no other woman. Lancelot became the Queen’s Champion and the Round Table’s greatest and most fearless warrior. Lancelot’s seat at the Round Table is to the right of his son Galahad’s.

4 Sir Galahad Sir Perceval Sir Bedivere
Lancelot’s son with Lady Elaine, Sir Galahad is the Round Table’s most saintly knight, earning him the Seige Perilous. In battle he wears red armor to symbolize the blood of Jesus Christ and carries a white shield with a red cross. Galahad was taken into heaven with the Holy Grail. Sir Perceval The Round Table’s third greatest warrior, Perceval is behind only Lancelot then Galahad. He has an aura of saint-like innocence and humility. Sir Bedivere One of the first knights to join the Round Table, Bedivere is largely responsible for the tournaments and feasts held at Camelot. He remains with Arthur until the end, the only Round Table knight who survives the last battle. He is given the task of returning Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake for King Arthur.

5 Sir Bors Sir Gawain Sir Gareth
Sir Lancelot’s cousin, Bors is one of the most virtuous knights and a close comrade of Galahad and Perceval who place spiritual matters above worldly pleasure. Sir Gawain Arthur’s nephew and the son of King Lot and Margawse of Orkney, Gawain is second only to Lancelot as a fighter. He is even more loyal than Lancelot, but he can be quick to take offense and seek revenge. Sir Gareth Arthur’s nephew and close friend of Lancelot. He is considerate and kind, unlike his proud elder brothers Gawain and Gaheris, and his cruel, scheming brother Agravain.

6 Sir Kay Sir Mordred Sir Pellinore
Arthur’s foster brother and son of Sir Ector, Kay is King Arthur’s steward, supervising the running of Camelot. He is bad tempered and a poor fighter, but he is very loyal. Sir Mordred Arthur’s nephew and illegitimate son by his sister’s trickery, Mordred plots to take King Arthur’s kingdom and crown. Sir Pellinore Long ago, the father of Torre and Perceval, Pellinore killed King Lot, father of Gawain, Gaheris, Agravain, and Gareth, so there is bad blood between the families. Pellinore who in the beginning opposed Arthur, became a loyal Round Table knight. Pellinore is often away chasing a creature named the Questing Beast.

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