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Arthurian Legends.

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1 Arthurian Legends

2 Medieval Romance (Archetype)
Source for the popular image of the “Knight in Shining Armor” Characteristics: idealized noble characters exaggerated or larger than life behavior a hero’s quest: motivated by love, religious faith, or desire for adventure supernatural or magical events unusual or exotic settings incidents involving mistaken identity

3 Chivalry Ideas associated with medieval knighthood Examples Honor
Bravery Loyalty to King (Great Hair a Must!) Courtly love came about because of arranged marriages end goal is not marriage hopeless passion woman should be of “greater” rank male “mortally injured” by her beauty, only her favor can save him.

4 Arthurian Legends Follow the Medieval Romantic Pattern
Take place in Great Britain Fictional Legends with many different versions Sir Thomas Malory brought together first collection 12th and 13th Century

5 King Arthur Son of Uther Pendragon + Igraine Raised by Sir Ector
Drew the sword in the stone Married to Guinevere

6 Excalibur King Arthur's mythical sword 2 different Myths:
Sword in the stone only drawn by real king. The Sword replacing the sword from the stone given by the lady of the lake. In this myth there is a scabbard which also has mythical powers.

7 Sir Lancelot Greatest of King Arthur’s Knights One of the most trusted
Has an affair with Guinevere

8 Sir Galahad Son of Lancelot + Elaine Seat was siege perilous
Quest for the Holy Grail

9 Sir Kay Arthur and Kay raised by Sir Ector
Kay was Arthur’s foster brother Tries to claim sword in the stone

10 Sir Gawain King Arthur’s nephew Defender of the poor Ladies man

11 Sir Mordred Illegitimate son of Arthur Traitor
Takes over Kingdom while Arthur is away

12 Merlin Wizard in Arthurian legends King’s Advisor
Mistress is Morgan Le Fay

13 Camelot Home to Arthur and the knights of the round table. Castle
Symbolizes a perfect society.

14 Round Table Mystical Table in Camelot
Symbol of Unity (Often associated with democracy as no knight is “higher” at the table. Given to Arthur by King Lodegreaunce (Guinevere's Father)

15 Siege Perilous Specially reserved seat at the Round Table for the knight who was destined to quest for and return with the Holy Grail Sir Galahad- only knight who sits in it. Fatal to anyone else who sat in it.

16 Holy Grail In Christian mythology the cup used by Jesus during the last supper. In Arthurian legends the hero must prove himself worthy to be in its presence

17 Retold Often

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