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By Pranav Sakthivel 7th IGCSE

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1 By Pranav Sakthivel 7th IGCSE
Quiz About King Arthur By Pranav Sakthivel 7th IGCSE

2 Question 1 What is the Holy Grail?
A Horse C. A Sword B. A castle of the round table D. The cup of Christ

3 Question 2 What is King Arthur given by Guinevere's father as a gift?
A. His scabbard C. Excalibur B. The square table D. The round table

4 Question 3 What is the name of King Arthur’s Sword?
A. Bobfire C. Flame of Britain B. Excalibur D. Holy Grail

5 Question 4 Who was King Arthur’s most trusted friend?
A. Sir Bedivere C. Morgan le Fay B. Sir Lancelot D. Lady Guinevere

6 Question 5 Who is King Arthur’s guardian?
A. Sir Kay C. Merlin the Wizard B. Sir Ector D. King Uther Pendragon

7 Question 6 Who gives King Arthur his sword?
A. Morgan le Fay C. Sir Ector B. The Lady of the Lake D. The stone near the Church

8 Question 7 What was magic about King Arthur’s scabbard?
A. It killed everyone who came near it. C. It stopped him from losing any blood. B. It helped Arthur become King. D. It made him stronger.

9 Question 8 Who is the traitor that caused Arthur's death?
A. Sir Ector C. Lady Guinevere B. Sir Lancelot D. Sir Huncamunca

10 Question 9 Arthur's knights jousted with many 'knights of color,' but what plant did the Green Knight offer Arthur as a symbol of magic? A. Holly C. Roses Leaves D. Greenwood

11 Question 10 Who is Arthur’s mortal enemy?
A. Sir Lancelot C. Sir Modred B. Lady Guinevere Morgan Le Fay

12 Question 11 What knight returns Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake upon Arthur's death?
A. Sir Lancelot C. Sir Bedivere B. Sir Modred D. Sir Kay

13 Question 12 This knight was known as "the perfect knight " and was the only knight worthy to sit in the Siege Perilous. Which knight was the only one to succeed in the quest for the Holy Grail? A. Sir Perceval C. Sir Galahad B. Sir Bedivere D. Sir Tristan

14 Question 13 What do you have to say on the existence of King Arthur according to my PPT and Arvind’s documentary – be honest! A. I know that King Arthur existed. C. King Arthur was a tall tale created by the ancient British folks. B. Evidence plays its part, but I am still not sure. D. I seriously don’t know – what kind of a question is this?!

If you noticed carefully, a red knight was facing the opposite side. Who can tell me which question number’s slide it was on? A “Knightly” Question

16 Key 8)B 9)A 1) D 10)C 2) D 11)C 3) B 12)D 4) A 13)A 5) B 14)C 6) D
Castle Dungeon Preview!! If you get caught, you’re in for life! 8)B 9)A 10)C 11)C 12)D 13)A 14)C 15)B 1) D 2) D 3) B 4) A 5) B 6) D 7) C

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