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King Arthur, Camelot, Guinevere, Merlin, and other knights!

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1 King Arthur, Camelot, Guinevere, Merlin, and other knights!

2 The Romans resided in Britain and everything was great In the 500s, the Romans left Britain and everything was chaotic, filled with fighting People longed for a better world so they made up King Arthur and his enchanting rule Stories came from the Middle Ages when Christians were carrying out Crusades (killing those who did not have their faith) – see a lot of Christian references in stories

3 A wizard, a prophet, a hermit, a Druid (Type of Celtic priest) Can transfigure himself and others

4 Arthur’s parents were King Uther Pendragon and his mistress Igraine Merlin knew there was a prophecy that Arthur would be a great King so he hid him away with a foster dad Foster dad Ector raised Arthur and his own biological son Kay to be warriors and noblemen

5 Prophecy was the person who could remove the sword from the stone was the Rightful King of Britain Arthur accompanied Sir Kay on a quest to remove the sword from the stone Arthur was the only one who could do it, men attacked him, he killed them Those who didn’t attack, Arthur vowed they join together as friends so they can get more rewards by working together Arthur is crowned King on Easter

6 Arthur falls in love with Guinevere and they set to marry Merlin warns of a prophecy that Guinevere would be his downfall Live together in Camelot, a mystical, imaginary, golden palace

7 A large round table given as a wedding gift from Guinevere’s father Has a spot for 12 knights and allows a place for open discussion to avoid secrets and betrayal by Arthur’s knights Knights swore on bibles as oaths to serve King Arthur King Arthur tells them they must obey Guinever as well which makes some of the knights upset

8 The “Lady of the Lake” is a nymph who has magical powers over anything that is thrown into her lake Excalibur is a sword the Lady of the Lake sends up through the lake for Arthur No enemy can live if cut by its blade The scabbard on the side is the most important part, with it on his side, Arthur will never die

9 Arthur’s half sister who is jealous of him and plots evil against him Witch who learned magic from Merlin but uses it for evil Can transfigure self and others

10 Merlin falls in love with the Lady of the Lake and on’t let her out of the cave With Merlin out of the picture, Arthur feels down and some knights take advantage and start plotting against him LeFay makes a pact with the devil to help her destroy Arthur She transfigures herself as a deer and lures Arthur away

11 Arthur follows this beautiful deer and she imprisons him in a dungeon and takes Excalibur and the invincible scabbard away from him He escaped without his weapons She later sends a with with a cloak for Arthur but Guinever tells him not to put it on – tells LeFay’s messenger to put it on first and the messenger bursts into flames when she does

12 LeFay angry with Guinvere for foiling her plan so she starts a rumor about Guinevere to Lancelot (Arthur’s best friend) She tells Lancelot that Guinevere wants a relationship with him Lancelot falls in love with Guinevere and a relationship develops without Arthur knowing

13 The relationship between the Knights of the Round Table began to fall apart due to the stress of Guinevere and Lancelot’s affair Sir Galahad the good appears as the missing knight (he is the secret son of Lancelot) They go on a search for Holy Grail – chalice Jesus used at Last Supper that holds drops of his blood Holiest relic of Christianity Sir Gawain sees where it is in a vision and the knights began their quest

14 Lancelot was very close to finding it but his sin with Guinevere prevented it Sir Bors tells a story about finding the Grail but being instructed to bring it to a man named The Fisher King Sir Mordred, an evil knight, becomes an accomplice of LeFay’s who is glad his quest failed King Arthur once cast Mordred into the sea as a baby in hopes he would drown LeFay sends bad news in a form of a shield representing the love triangle of Lancelot, Guinevere, and Arthur

15 Mordred lies and says Lancelot killed all the knights when he is caught with Guinevere Guinevere must be burned at the stake because Christians believed flames purified evil The battle between Arthur and Lancelot begins and knights choose sides Sir Gawain tells Arthur to be like Christ and forgive Lancelot frees Guinevere from the stake and went to his castle

16 During the fight between the two, the pope commands peace, Guinevere becomes a nun Knights are angry that Lancelot is killing their families and so Arthur leaves to go fight him, leaving Mordred in charge LeFay sees an opportunity and asks to become Mordred’s wife but he rejects her and she vows to destroy him too While Arthur is away Mordred crowns himself king

17 When King Arthur returns to his people they have a huge celebration During the celebration Arthur orders no one to use their sword LeFay turns herself into a snake and scares a soldier who draws his sword and kills her Thus a battle began, only 4 are left alive Mordred and Arthur try to kill each other…Arthur kills Mordred but is mortally wounded by him at the same time

18 A wounded Arthur is brought to the Great Forest to find Lady of the Lake Lady of the Lak tells Sir Bedivere to throw Excalibur in the lake and bring Arthur there to heal him Nine ladies in black appear in a boat and take him away to sleep in peace in a place called Avalon Avalon is a distant island with fairies and golden apples A time will come when Arthur will wake and rule again (like Christ)

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