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Causes of the American Revolution

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1 Causes of the American Revolution

2 The Proclamation of 1763 The Proclamation of 1763 banned any further British colonial settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains. Those who were already settled there were told to leave.

3 Colonial Response Colonists ignored the Proclamation and settled/traded in the Ohio River Valley.

4 The Navigation Acts First passed in 1651 later amended in 1733
Forced colonists to use English vessels to transport goods. Forced Colonial ships to use British sailors

5 Colonial Reaction These acts angered some colonists because they lost money. This also leads to smuggling throughout the colonies.

6 The Molasses Act The Molasses Act placed duties on rum, sugar, and molasses imported from foreign countries.

7 Colonial Response Colonists protested the act and smuggled goods to avoid paying duties.

8 The Sugar Act The Sugar Act replaced the Molasses Act and was aimed specifically at raising revenues from the colonies.

9 Colonial Response Colonists protested the act and called for a boycott on items with duties.

10 The Quartering Act The Quartering Act required colonists to supply British forces in the colonies with housing, bedding and other needs.

11 Colonial Response The Colonists defied the act.

12 The Stamp Act The Stamp Act required colonists to purchase a stamp for newspapers, pamphlets, legal documents, another items.

13 Colonial Response Colonists formed the Sons of Liberty boycotted goods, and used violence to frighten tax collectors. Stamp Act Congress asked Parliament to repeal the act.

14 The Townshend Acts The Townshend Act placed duties on imported glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea. This made it easier for tax collectors to get writs of assistance.

15 Colonial Response The Colonists used boycotts, colonial legislatures circulated a letter protesting the acts, and the Sons of Liberty attacked homes of tax collectors.

16 The Tea Act The Tea Act kept in place duties on imported tea and allowed British East India Company to export directly to the colonies.

17 Colonial Response Colonists used boycotts and propaganda, held the Boston Tea Party, and destroyed tea shipments in some colonies.

18 The Intolerable Acts The Intolerable Acts:
Canceled Massachusetts’s Charter Moved trials of colonial officials to Britain Allowed a new Quartering Act Quebec Act- which gave Canada control of the Ohio Region

19 Colonial Response Colonists called for large-scale boycotts, published propaganda, and convened the First Continental Congress.

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