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Tensions Grow Between the Colonies and Great Britain

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1 Tensions Grow Between the Colonies and Great Britain
What British actions angered the colonists in the 1700s?

2 10.1 Introduction The 1750s and 1760s, the colonists helped Great Britain fight a war against France and the Native Americans. This left Great Britain in a lot of debt Started taxing the colonists Angered colonists because they were not represented in Parliament This led to propaganda, protests, and boycotts

3 10.2 The French and Indian War
Great Britain and France both claimed the Ohio River Valley British wanted to farm French wanted to trap The war started in 1754 and lasted almost 10 years Many Native Americans sided with the French (i.e. the French and Indian War), but some did side with the British French were winning at first, until British captured Quebec in 1759 French lost control of Canada by 1760 The treaty in 1763 gave Canada and other land to the British Also gave them a lot of debt

4 10.3 The Proclamation of 1763 After the war, colonists started to move west Native Americans would attack the settlers that were taking over their land Many died Proclamation of 1763 American Indians could have the land west of the Appalachian Mountains Settlers could have the land east of the Appalachian Mountains Many colonists ignored the law, they didn’t like being told what to do

5 10.4 The Quartering Act British stationed soldiers in the colonies after the war Protection control Britain expected colonists to pay for the protection 1765 The Quartering Act Colonists had to provide soldiers with a place to live Food Fuel transportation Colonists treated soldiers badly

6 10.5 The Stamp Act In need of more money to pay off debt, the Stamp Act of 1765 was passed A tax (extra money) was to be paid on all printed papers Including: newspapers, pamphlets, playing cards, etc. When the tax was paid, the item would be stamped Colonists were angry because they didn’t want to pay more for everyday items They also had no say in these laws Many colonists protested and rebeled The Stamp Act Congress was formed to voice complaints to Great Britain Great Britain repealed the Act, but passed the Townshend Acts instead Townshend Acts called for taxes on all imported goods Goods brought into the country, particularly for sale

7 10.6 The Boston Massacre Many colonists were angered by the taxes
They would taunt the British officials and tax collectors March 5, 1770 Group of colonists started calling a soldier names and throwing stuff at him Other soldiers came for back-up A shot was fired, followed by others leaving 5 dead This event was called the “Boston Massacre” by the colonists, even though the colonists were not innocent As the news spread, many more colonists became outraged by this event Committees of Correspondence were created for communication among the colonies

8 10.7 The Boston Tea Party Great repealed their taxes on everything but tea The colonists then started boycotting British tea In response, the British passed the Tea Act which stated that colonists could only buy tea from Great Britain In protest, the colonists boycotted tea and on December 6, 1773 a group of colonists dumped 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor

9 10.8 The Intolerable Acts Boston Tea Party led Parliament to pass new laws Coercive Acts vs Intolerable Acts The Acts Boston Port Act Closed Boston Harbor Administration of Justice Act British officials could only be tried in Britain Massachusetts Government Act British took over the government The Quebec Act Extended Canada Quartering Act 1774 First Continental Congress Discuss complaints about Great Britain All colonies but Georgia participated

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