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How do you build an online community? Image: (A Work in Progress...)

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1 How do you build an online community? Image: (A Work in Progress...)

2 How do you build a community? Image:

3 You cant... Image: You provide for, encourage and reward community to allow it to grow

4 The 9 steps: 1.Listening 2.Objectives 3.Technology 4.Seeding 5.Recognition 6.Moderation + Maintenance 7.Transparency 8.Integrate it into everything you do 9.Measurement and Analysis.

5 Step 1: Listening Whats out there? Google (inc Blog search) Twitter search Facebook Ning Technorati Image:

6 Step 2: Whats the point? 2. How can you help an existing community, or provide value for people by creating a new one? (And because its ours/official doesnt work by itself!) Image: 1. What tangible results do you want?

7 Step 3: Dont be different for the sake of it. Most software has evolved to basic conformity for a reason. Dont try to reinvent the blog or forum for the sake of it. Bad artists copy, good artists steal – Picasso. Image:

8 Step 4: Seeding Encourage popular people to contribute. Theyre the 5% who attract the other 95%. Be present and involved yourself where appropriate Image:

9 Step 5: Provide recognition Reward good contributors with public recognition. Reward new members and posters with encouragement and involvement. Image:

10 Step 6: Moderation/Maintenance Image: Moderate lightly/politely but firmly. Make rules clear. Provide adequate resources. Continuously evaluate and evolve software/technology

11 Image: Step 7: Transparency and having fun Share your enjoyment of what you do – dont be embarrassed. Be transparent where possible – explain the reasons behind actions and people will understand them – and then defend the reasoning to others.

12 Step 8: Integration Image: Arrange offline events Build community/CRM into your core business strategy Ensure every employee has clear guidelines, guidance and trust to interact. Dont abuse it by broadcasting because you can Carry the same values from a receptionist answering the phone to direct marketing to advertising.

13 Step 9: Measurement Defined by business objectives. Scale (on- site/external) Number of conversations (on-site/external) Brand perception/NPS Contributions (UGC ) Subscriptions (RSS/Email) Revenue. Image:

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