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Social Media.

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1 Social Media

2 Social Media Social Media is an umbrella term that defines the various activities that integrate technology, social interaction and the construction of words, pictures, videos and audio.

3 Types of Social Media Blogs Social Networks Microblogs Wikis Video
Podcasts Discussion Forums RSS Feeds Photo Sharing

4 Blogs A blog is an easy-to-update website or webpage where authors write regular entries in a diary-like format. The most effective and interesting blogs allow readers to engage in conversations with the author and other readers.

5 Social Networks Social networking sites are websites that connect people. In these online communities, people can join (for free) and at a minimum, establish a page with their profile. The most popular, MySpace and Facebook, also have groups, which are feature-rich chat boards for members.

6 Microblogs Microblogging is writing extremely short blog posts, kind of like text messages. Twitter is currently the most popular microblog service and lets users post entries up to 140 characters long. Users can read these messages online or have them sent as a text message to a cell phone or other mobile device.

7 Wikis A wiki is a collection of web pages that encourages users to contribute or modify the content. By using a simple web interface, a community can collaborate on developing a document or Web page, no matter where they're located.

8 Videos Short videos are used to communicate all kinds of information by way of websites and popular online video-sharing services.

9 Podcasts Podcasting is a way of publishing MP3 audio files on the web so they can be downloaded onto computers or portable listening devices, such as iPods or other MP3 players. Podcasting allows users to subscribe to a feed of new audio files using "podcatching" software (a type of aggregator), which periodically checks for and downloads new audio files automatically.

10 Discussion Forums Discussion forums are places for online communities to discuss topics of common interest. Posts are organized into related threads around questions and answers, or community discussions. These forums work like a bulletin board: you post a message and return later to see if people have responded. A forum helps create communities around shared interests.

11 RSS Feeds RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (among other things). It is a web content format which, when used with an RSS aggregator, can allow you to alert users to new or exciting content on your website. These news feeds enable users to avoid the conventional methods of browsing or searching for information on websites. Now the content they want is delivered directly to them.

12 Photo Sharing Photo sharing has become a key part of the social media landscape, since photos can now be so easily shared on sites like Flickr nd Picasa.

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