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Connect The Rise of Customer Communities: What the Social Media Explosion Means to Reference Programs April 10, 2007 Connect Connect with the audiences.

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1 connect The Rise of Customer Communities: What the Social Media Explosion Means to Reference Programs April 10, 2007 Connect Connect with the audiences and influencers who matter

2 connect [Social media tools enable customers to share with prospects, creating both disruptions and opportunities for customer reference programs] Questions to Answer What is Social Media? Why does it matter to Reference Programs? How to understand and overcome the coming disruptions. How to harness the coming opportunities. Actionable next steps.

3 connect Experienced Practice Leader Web as Career: Exodus, Cable and Wireless, World Savings, Hitachi Manager, Online Communities at Hitachi Data Systems Synched with Customer Reference Program Director of Corporate Media Strategy at PodTech New Media: Blogger, Video Blogger, Streaming Video, This is a case study, based on a single blog post …to social media consultant

4 connect Why is Consumer Generated Media (Voices of the people) Important?

5 connect What is Social Media Examples of Social Media Blogs Forums Podcasts Rating Sites RSS Wikis Social Networks Instant Messaging Live Web Streaming …tools that easily let people share and be found They matter because: The Trust factor Impacts Google Results Word of Mouth travels fast Different than Broadcast Marketing

6 connect The way it was…

7 connect Social Media Disruptions 1.Customer References Content is selective 2.Customers can easily publish their customer experiences on Social Media tools 3.Google makes finding opinions easy 4.How Prospects can find Customer Opinions 1.Social/Network Ratings 2.Blog Search Tools 3.Sentiment Mining Tools 4.Social network Search 5.Whats next Customers and talk directly to prospects bypassing a corporations, marketing and customer reference programs.

8 connect

9 Where its heading…

10 connect The Future 1) Expanded Scope –There will be an overlap between the Customer Reference Program and Community/Social media programs at many corporations over the next year. –Community Marketing is designed to foster word of mouth. –Turning detractors into advocates Customer Reference Programs will expand in scope or overlap with other corporate programs:

11 connect The Future 2) Listening Toolset –Customer Reference Programs will use Social Media tools to find customer opinions. –Customer References will be created organically. Customer Reference Programs will be more efficient

12 connect The Future 3) Authenticity –Effective Customer Reference programs will integrate negative comments and opinions into its program for great trust and authenticity with the market. Customer Reference Programs will have a change in voice to stay authentic:

13 connect The Future 4) Conversational Toolset for Publishing –Customer Reference Programs will use Social Media tools to help tell stories. Customer Reference Programs will use new tools:

14 connect What you can do: 1.Partner up! 1.Community Manager and Social Media Programs 2.Start to Monitor and Listen to what Customers are Saying 1.Listen in: Use tools like Google Alerts, Technorati, and Feedreaders 3.Engage and Harness Customer Feedback 1.Engage 2.Build from detractions 4.Reuse these references in other ways 1.Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, and Whats next 5.Best Practices as Social Media 1.Learn the rules of engagement, authenticity, transparency 6.Customer Reference Programs to use Social Media –Organize internally –Publicly recognize opinions –Capture and encourage those voices –Video shares human stories Actionable Next Steps

15 connect Questions and Challenges from Survey: 1.Avoiding reference burnout –Reuse content using other tools such as Podcasts, Blogs, Video 2.Developing customer communities (CABs, online communities, user groups, etc) –Consider Joining rather than only Developing 3.Integrating with sales –Three things I learned about Social Media for Sales 1.Living White Paper 2.Rapid Response Tool 3.Conversation Starter 4.Need for better reference management system and infrastructure –Marketing is not limited to the corporate website –Distributed on Web, learn how to listen and use 5.Making better use of customer intelligence –Use Blog Search tools to listen in 6.Creating collateral that has a clearer impact on sales and revenue –Story Telling with Social media

16 connect Questions and Challenges from Survey: Open Ended Questions: 1.Social Media: How do people use Facebook, Yahoo Groups, LinkedIn and MySpace. 70% of Internet users use Social Networks 2.Social Media: How is it managed - outsourced vs. in house –Varies on situation 3.How are others using podcasts –Think best practices vs customer testimonial 4.How are other ref programs using blogs and wiki's? –Create a best practice blog –Jeremiahs Industry Wiki 5.According to survey, some are monitoring blogs, and some have internal blogs –Air Traffic Control Tower 6.Getting customers to speak to media –Social Media can help, as it can be recorded and repurposed

17 connect [Customer Advocacy Programs that integrate unfiltered opinions of customers will increase trust, and accelerate the word-of-mouth network]

18 connect Q&A Find me at: Jeremiah Owyang Director, Corporate Media Strategy,

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