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Welcome Back Second Grade Parents

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1 Welcome Back Second Grade Parents

2 Class Schedule Morning Meeting 9:15 - 9:37 Shared Work / Read Aloud
9: :10 Social Studies / Science 10: :57 Recess / Lunch 11: :05 Math 12: :55 Specials 12:57 - 1:37 Snack/ Bathroom 1:38 - 1:50 Word Study / Guided Reading 1:50 - 2:20 Writer’s Workshop 2:20 - 3:00 Reader’s Workshop 3:00 - 3:40

3 Purpose of Morning Meeting
Sets a tone for respectful learning and establishes a climate of trust Motivates children by developing a sense of belonging and having fun Merges social, emotional, and intellectual learning

4 Components of Morning Meeting
1- Greeting 2- Sharing 3- Group Activity 4- Morning Message

5 Science UNITS TO BE STUDIED: Butterflies Soil Balance and Weighing

6 Social Studies Classroom Economy Famous Women Famous African Americans Government

7 Everyday Math Concepts – addition/ subtraction, multiplication, time, money, place value, geometry, fractions, measurement Problem solving – focus on showing work, labeling, and being able to explain in words Basic Facts – Timed quizzes which are then graphed by the students to keep track of their own progress. Please continue to practice at home as well! Everyday Math Boxes are used to reinforce skills throughout the year! Math Homelink Books are to stay at home and please carefully tear out the assigned page.

8 Rocket Math Each morning as the children start their day, they complete 40 math facts at their own independent level ranging from addition to multiplication.  In order to build speed and rote memory, they then complete 40 more problems in a timed setting based on your child's progress.  The children are graphing and checking their progress daily as well as being formally assessed on Fridays.  With your help in continuing basic fact practice at home, your child will find much success!

9 Language Arts in Balanced Literacy Setting
Word Study Shared Reading Shared Writing Guided Reading Writer’s Workshop Reader’s Workshop Read Alouds

10 Word Study Differentiated Word Lists for student needs.
Exploration of words, interactive, and inquiry- based. Grounded in developmental spelling research. Spelling words should carry into their writing.

11 Readers Workshop Consists of a whole class mini-lesson to present skill or concept. Children will then be actively involved in partner discussions and shares. Children make their way back to their seats to “dive” into their individual books at their independent reading level to carry out mini-lesson. Conferences are held at this point as well. (individual, partner, or small group)

12 Writing Workshop Second Grade students learn to write daily through varied activities. In Writer's Workshop, Second Grade students are exposed to the organization and thought required to create a story or write about a favorite topic and develop it into an understandable narrative with a voice and focus.

13 Homework Homework is a part of your child’s education.
Expect homework daily. (Monday – Thursday) If there is no specific math sheet, practice basic facts. Student’s who does not hand in their homework will be held accountable to complete it the next night. Please sign your child’s homework sheet nightly. If your child takes more that 30 minutes to do homework, please let me know. No tear policy!

14 Report Cards and Grading
Report cards go live on Genesis in November, February, April, and June. Conferences are held in the fall (Mandatory) and spring. Please fill out conference availability form which can be found in your folder.

15 Birthdays in the Classroom
When it comes time for your child’s birthday you have a few options: 1-You may purchase a snack through Chartwell which will be served during snack time. (There are pamphlets in your folder.) 2- You may send in a non-edible birthday treat such as stickers, pencils, good bags, etc. 3-Your child may also choose to be a mystery reader for a past teacher or for a sibling’s class- which I will set up for you.

16 Snack A daily snack time has been built into our schedule and will be eaten at 1:45 PM. It will be a working snack so only send in snacks that students will be able to eat while they are working. Children are permitted to bring in one snack and water- preferably in a reusable bottle. Please only send in healthy snacks.

17 How to contact me… By note Phone at (609) 632-0960 Ext.7193
Or by - My is checked throughout the course of the entire day. If there is an emergency, please call main office.

18 There are two things you can give your child…
Give them roots, and give them wings!

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