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WELCOME to LITITZ EL.’S BACK to SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE Mrs. Cascarino Mrs. Sturgis Mr. Weidman Mrs. Weismandel.

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2 WELCOME to LITITZ EL.’S BACK to SCHOOL OPEN HOUSE Mrs. Cascarino Mrs. Sturgis Mr. Weidman Mrs. Weismandel

3 HOMEWOR K Homework is given for three purposes: to reinforce skills learned in school to develop responsibility in students to keep parents informed about what their children are learning

4 WEEKLY HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS 15 minutes of free choice reading and math fact fluency practice are strongly encouraged each night. Monday - spelling : Students will receive a homework sheet from their language arts teacher that contains 3-5 different activities. The children then get to choose the one activity on their assignment sheet that they would like to complete. Tuesday - math : Students will complete their homework sheet, which they will receive from their math teacher. Wednesday - reading : Students will read aloud and complete a Reading Response sheet, which they will receive that day from their language arts teacher. Each of these assignments should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. Please let us know via a note or email if your child encountered difficulty with an assignment and was unable to do so.

5 WEEKLY HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS, cont’d Thursday - If all other assignments have been completed and handed in, students will only have to review their spelling words for Friday’s test. You should encourage your child to complete each assignment the evening it is given so that we may provide immediate feedback. However, the 2nd grade team understands that sometimes family activities, sports/lessons, church events, etc. occupy one or two evenings a week, so all assignments are due by that Friday morning at the latest. A weekly Homework Outline sheet will be placed in your child’s Take Home folder every Monday as a reminder of these assignments.

6 GRADING PROCEDURES SPELLINGREADINGWRITINGMATH weekly word lists comprehensionmechanics & focus ~1st m.p. number sense & math facts sentence dictation phonics + organization 2nd m.p. geometry daily writingvocabulary + content ~ 3rd m.p. measurement fluency all four areas ~ 4th m.p. algebraic concepts

7 CONFERENCE S A conference will be held on Tues., Nov. 22 or Wed., Nov. 23. If you would like to schedule a conference at any other time throughout the year, please let us know.

8 READING whole group phonics whole group, flexible small group, & independent reading fluency checks target skills, such as character, setting, & plot

9 MATH number facts –Rocket Math –“quickly & accurately” = 3 seconds/problem –strategies, flashcards, games

10 MATH, cont’d algebraic concepts/ problem solving graphing, money, time, double digit + & -, geometry, & measurement

11 SPELLING Monday pretest Tuesday-Thursday: classroom practice activities Friday test – sentence dictation may be given in addition to the “list words”

12 WRITING Daily Oral Language 1st m.p. - writing complete, detailed sentences & using proper mechanics; writing several sentences that stay focused on a given topic 2nd - writing stories that are focused & organized 3rd & 4th - writing stories that are full of relevant content, organized, & focused on one topic

13 Additional Curricular Areas handwriting – neatness, sizing, and spacing social studies - people & places, Lititz, ways of living, people at work, America’s past, & government science – earth: solar system, earth, weather & seasons life: plant & animal life & fossils physical: matter, heat, light, sound, force, magnets, electricity human body: body, nutrition, staying healthy

14 MISCELLANEO US birthdays – information sheet will be sent home prior to your child’s special day lunch - 11:45 - 12:15; roster payment is fast & easy recess - every day from 12:20 – 12:40; appropriate attire is extremely important Star Student - information sheet is sent home by homeroom teacher class parties - To Be Announced Book-It Program - October through March; strictly voluntary field trips - walking tour of Lititz; TBA **clearances communication - Homework Outline, email, notes, phone calls differentiated instruction – reading & math: grouped according to achievement writing: Step Up to Writing program

15 Upstairs, you will… be able to look around your child’s classroom pick up a packet of information pertaining to things we have discussed during this presentation receive information regarding Scholastic book orders, Highlights magazine subscriptions, and volunteering for your child’s teacher have the opportunity to write your child a letter, which he/she will receive first thing tomorrow morning

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