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Parents As Partners Mrs. Carroll Grade 1.

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1 Parents As Partners Mrs. Carroll Grade 1

2 Goals My goal is to help each child to grow socially, emotionally, and academically. I expect them to take responsibility for their behavior and their learning. In the classroom, I strive to create a warm, caring, and “family” atmosphere so that each child will feel confident and comfortable enough to take risks and learn from their mistakes. I want your child’s first grade experience to be a fun, positive one, that will give them a firm foundation to build on.

3 Special Area Schedule Day 1 Art/Library (week B) Day 2 P.E.
Day 3 Music Day 4 Art Day 5 P.E./Computer (week A) Day 6 Music

4 Dismissal A note is expected whenever you are picking your child up from school Please do not tell your child that you “might” pick them up. This creates anticipation, and sometimes anxiety, when they are unsure of how they will be going home. If you are unsure, please let it be a happy surprise. 

5 Absences Please call in to report your child’s absence (227-1756)
An absence note is required when your child returns to school Missed work will be sent home on the day your child returns to school. You can leave a message with the main office if you would like me to send it home with anyone. Work is expected to be sent in when completed at home. If they are absent for an extended period of time they do not need to finish it all in one day, just do a little at a time.

6 Snack We have snack every morning at about 11:15 a.m.
Please send in a healthy snack that is easily opened without creating a mess. The students are also permitted to bring in a water bottle that they may drink from throughout the day. Please do not send in any juice boxes or any other type of drink for snack.

7 Birthdays Please feel free to send in goodies for your child to share on their special day. We usually celebrate birthdays during lunch. You may drop treats off anytime before 1:00. Please let me know ahead of time so that I can plan for it. If your child has a summer birthday, please pick any day during the school year to celebrate.

8 Classroom Rules We treat others with kindness and respect.
We listen when someone else is talking. We focus on directions and work. We keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves. We walk quietly in the hallway and the classroom. We raise our hand before we speak.

9 Classroom Rewards/Consequences
“Clip Chart” system in which students can have their clip moved up or down based on their behavior, work habits, attitude, and focus. Students are rewarded for having their clip moved to the top of the chart (Outstanding). There are consequences for moving down the chart, but students always have a chance to move back up if they improve their behavior. The purpose is for the student to take responsibility for their behavior and attitude in school.

10 Take Home Folders Each student has a folder that we use for our “Take home” folder. We will be using this folder to take papers back and forth between school and home. Please send it back to school on a daily basis. I remind the children every day to check their folder to see if there is any important information from home that I should get. If the folder begins to look like it needs repair, I ask that you repair or replace it so we won’t have any misfit papers.

11 Classwork TIC - When you see this on your child’s paper, it means that your child completed the work with the whole class as “together in class” and it will not be graded. Often we will work on one side of a paper together and they will complete the other side independently. Some work will come home corrected with a crayon. This means that we went over the answers together and the students checked their work (using a check mark for correct answers, and circling incorrect answers) Work that has been corrected by me will have a large “C” for correct, a stamp, smiley face, star, sticker, and/or comment on it. Incorrect answers are circled. Please have your child fix any paper with 3 or more incorrect answers. Graded work - math tests, spelling tests, occasional reading or writing assignments

12 Homework Homework will start on the Monday after Parents As Partners Night. A home reading report will be sent home on a weekly basis, typically on Monday and due back the following Monday. There will also be a book report sent on Monday and due on Friday. I feel that reading daily with your child is one of the most important things you can do with them. Occasionally, additional homework to reinforce concepts we are learning will come home. This will include sample spelling words from our Wilson Fundations program that will be sent home weekly.

13 Scholastic Book Orders
Book orders will be sent home monthly. Please pay with a check made out to “Scholastic” if you decide to order. There is also an online option to order books.

14 Wilson Fundations Program
A multi-sensory approach to learning phonics, handwriting and language arts. Every time we begin a new unit, your child will come home with a letter that explains the skill we will be working on. This will also include strategies that you may use at home to reinforce the skills being learned in school. This is not required for homework but suggested to help your child learn new concepts.

15 Reading/Writing Daily 5 Guided Reading Weekend Journals
Writer’s Workshop

16 Math Numbers to 12 Addition/Subtraction facts to 12 Geometry/Fractions
Counting to 100 Place Value/Data/Graphs Two Digit Addition/Subtraction Measurement Time/Money

17 Curriculum Standards Go to Social Studies Science
Organization Properties/Attributes States of Matter Living Things Social Studies Rules and Laws Family Community/Maps Economics

18 Thank you for sharing your evening with me
Thank you for sharing your evening with me! If you have further questions you can me at:

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