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Welcome to Ms. Best's First Grade Class 2013-2014.

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1 Welcome to Ms. Best's First Grade Class 2013-2014

2 To Do Find your child’s desk Sign up for a conference time  Take conference reminder slip Sign up to be a Mystery Reader or Volunteer Solve your child’s Family Feud Write a message to your child Look through folder

3 Day in the Life of a First Grade Student  Unpack/Opening/Calendar  Word Work  Reader’s Workshop  Literacy Centers/Guided Reading  Lunch/Recess  Math  Special  Social Studies/ Science  Pack Up/ Dismissal

4 Special Schedule Day 1- Art Day 2- Gym Day 3- Music Day 4- Gym/Library Day 5- Computers Day 6- Gym

5 Opening/Calendar Students –Backpacks on Hook Attendance Lunch Count Do Now Calendar Day of the Week/Date Today is..., Yesterday was..., Tomorrow will be... Weather Poems Word Wall

6 Word Work  Fundations  Sorts  Smartboard  Spelling/ Writing skill of week  Ipad  Reading Eggs (Can do at home too! ) -Log in sent home from Ms. Tackvic

7 Reader’s Workshop Mini-Lesson  Read A-Loud  Turn and talk  Independent reading books/ “Just Right Books”  Independent reading Book Buddy Bags  Shop every Monday  Take home and read each night  Bring back EVERY day  Take care of books  Independent level to practice strategies

8 Literacy Centers and Guided Reading Centers- listening, word work, writing, write the room, reading, computers, ipad Teacher works with children in small reading groups at this time Center sheets- need to be signed and returned each week

9 Writer’s Workshop Interactive writing Teacher modeling Sketching Pre-writing Peer editing Adding details Conferencing Sharing

10 Integrated Literacy/ Science and Social Studies Integrate various thematic science and social studies units through the use of literature Hands on learning Centers Writing Math

11 Addition*- master facts Subtraction*- master facts Word Problems- critical thinking Hands on learning using manipulatives, Smartboard, computers, ipad, and centers Go Math Soar to Success -Log information will be sent home

12 Homework Choice Board and Math every night Needs to be turned in the next day Will be different based upon child’s needs Check for name! Read 10-15 minutes  Book Buddy Bag books  Fill out reading log and sign-keep in book buddy bag Word Ring- sight words/differentiated for each student  Bring back every day!  Only get new words if they master the previous week’s  Practice each night!

13 Word Work Choice Board Chose one activity to complete each night Cross it off Rip off completed sheet to turn in next day Parent signature required on some boxes New words each week

14 Snack 10 minute snack break during literacy block Healthy Snack! One snack during snack time Can pack others for lunch No peanuts for in-class snack (lunch time is ok)

15 Behavior Follow class and school rules Team Frog Stars (20 for prize by Friday) Frog Clip Chart/Super Star Bucket Filling

16 Star of the Week! Form will be sent home Please fill it out with your child Send in 2 pictures that your child likes

17 Scholastic Order online or By check and hand in to teacher Online code for our class : HZC62 One free book for our classroom if you order online! Link on class website to access online order form /195 /195

18 Class Parents Mrs. O’Neill Mrs. Mani Mrs. Warta A big thank you!

19 Communication E-mail: Phone: 908-218-4105 ext. 1334 Note Class website- check for updates! Peek at Our Week- HW Sheet Last minute changes for the day-please call the office-they will let me know-example: change in how child is getting home, who is picking up...


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