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Mrs. Iannessa – Room 201 773.534.3470 Ms. Chambers, PTA Aide Mrs. Kim Zalinski, Room Parent.

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1 Mrs. Iannessa – Room 201 773.534.3470 Ms. Chambers, PTA Aide Mrs. Kim Zalinski, Room Parent

2 Language Arts Curriculum (ALL topics linked to Common Core Standards) The Daily 5/Café The Daily 5 is a series of literacy tasks that students complete each day. This framework helps students develop the daily habits of reading, writing and working with peers. The goal is to foster these good habits and develop lifelong skills of independent literacy. Each day students will… 1. Read to self 2. Read to someone 3. Listen to reading 4. Writing 5. Word work During the Daily 5, students are engaged, focused, and motivated by choice. Students will be working at his/her instructional level. Students will be assessed on Fridays on the Café strategy for the week. Please check the website for information on each STRATEGY for the week.

3 Writing and Spelling (Both linked to Common Core Standards) WRITING Students will focus on Narrative, Opinion, and Informational/Expository writing pieces WRITING PROCESS Prewriting (Brainstorming) Rough Draft Editing and Revising Final Draft SPELLING - Pretest on Monday - Test on Friday - Differentiated lists based on results from pretest - Spelling words will be in assignment notebooks & on website - Will begin next week (9/15)

4 Each day your child will participate in a wide variety of activities, including discussion, exploration, a hands-on activity and assessment. Envision Math covers many concepts including addition, subtraction, place value, geometry, graphing, multiplication, division and problem solving. At times, the students will be working in small groups to both challenge and reinforce math skills. Children will be placed in groups based upon needs, observation, class work, and NWEA Test Scores.

5 Science and Social Studies – INQUIRY BASED and taught through experiments, discussions, projects, and a wide variety of literature. (All topics linked to Common Core standards) Science Ms. Trapp will be teaching Science to ALL of 2 nd Grade. SOME Topics covered – Air and weather, force and motion, solar system, the rainforest and insects Social Studies Mrs. Iannessa will be teaching Social Studies to ALL of 2 nd Grade. SOME Topics covered – Geography, map skills, community, US history, presidents, famous leaders and government

6 Classroom Management Classroom Rules 1. Listen to others. 2. Raise your hand. 3. Always be kind. 4. Use your time wisely. 5. Follow directions. Fish Our class is always trying to earn fish. They earn fish by following the rules and making right choices. If the class earns 25 fish, they will have a fiesta. Cards Students pull cards when not following directions and/or breaking the rules. Green – Great day! Yellow – Note Home Red – Note Home/Loss of Privilege

7 Monday – Art Tuesday – Gym Wednesday – Tech Thursday – STEM Friday – Music

8 Important Information about Second Grade… E-mail is the BEST way to contact me. I USUALLY respond pretty quickly, but if it’s after school - please be understanding. I do have a little one at home too! Use our class WEBSITE for classroom and school information! I update it VERY frequently! Students will have a Spelling Test every Friday. The words are in their assignment notebooks. Students should be reading at home every night. Please use the Reading Log to record this information. Classroom books should be returned EACH day. Assignments notebooks are used to record homework and important classroom information. Please check every night. Friday Folders go home EVERY Friday and need to be returned on Monday. Always check the ENTIRE folder as it is always FULL of work. Gradebook allows YOU to access your child’s grades ONLINE. Visit the website for more information.

9 Random…yet important thoughts! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease join the PTA! They ABSOLUTELY rock. LUNCH is now FREE for all CPS students. If your child is absent, make sure to call the office in the morning. Please send a note to explain the absence. LABEL everything with your CHILD’S NAME! We ALWAYS have a huge LOST and FOUND. Please send a healthy and PEANUT FREE snack each day. Students may also have a water bottle each day. You may send a treat for your child’s BIRTHDAY. We are requesting a non-food item such as stickers, pencils, bracelets, a small toy, etc. Please note, you DO NOT HAVE to send anything. We will still celebrate the birthday! Room 201 has 35 students.

10 On your child’s desk, you will find… A class list Volunteer Request Form A brochure full of information Thank you so much for coming. I’m looking forward to a FANTASTIC school year. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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