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Welcome To 1st Grade Mrs. Laura Gentil. Daily Schedule/ Related Arts Schedule 9:00-9:15 Check in/Morning Work 9:15-9:25Morning Meeting 9:25-9:40Word Study.

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1 Welcome To 1st Grade Mrs. Laura Gentil

2 Daily Schedule/ Related Arts Schedule 9:00-9:15 Check in/Morning Work 9:15-9:25Morning Meeting 9:25-9:40Word Study 9:40-10:40Reading Workshop 10:40-11:40 Writing Workshop 11:45-12:30Lunch/Recess 12:30-12:45Read Aloud 12:45-1:45Math 1:45-2:35Specials 2:35-3:30Content 3:37- Bus Riders Dismissed 3:40-Car Riders/Walkers Dismissed

3 Contacting Mrs. Gentil Email: One folder serves as both communication folder AND homework folder. Communication: newsletter e-mailed weekly (Friday) will also be posted on my website.

4 Lunch EZPAY- found on the Dublin City School website Students need to memorize their student ID number. They need this number to purchase lunch and also for computer usage. Please let me know if you need this. Please review with your child their lunch options so they can quickly make their choice upon arrival at school.

5 Attendance If you know your child will be out there is a form the office would like you to fill out prior to the absence. Also, it would assist me if you could email me as well. Last minute absences need to be called in to the office at #764-5963 and leave message with your child’s name, teacher and reason for absence. If your child is absent, you MUST send an email or note to school stating reason for absence. You can email Mrs. Quinn ( or

6 Transportation Students MUST have a note from parent in order to go home any other way than what was designated at the beginning of the year.

7 Birthdays Please give me a day’s notice or more before the day that your child will celebrate their birthday if you are planning to send in a treat. **Please keep in mind that a birthday treat does not need to be edible! When inviting friends from school to parties, please remember that the entire class must be invited if invitations will be passed out at school. Otherwise, please send them from home.

8 Homework Will begin in October! Homework will be sent home as practice. It will NOT NEED TO BE RETURNED. Parents should provide support to their child, but the child should do the work! There is not a routine schedule for social studies and science but there will times when homework is sent home.

9 Classroom Management The goal is to catch children “being good”. Focus on positive enforcers for good behavior. Negative behavior = negative consequence I get to know class before establishing a set policy. If needed, parent communication and consequence for child (ex. Writing a letter home about better choices)

10 Reading/Writing Students will be immersed with reading and writing throughout the school day and in all areas of the curriculum Reading/Writing Workshop Model consists of several components: reading aloud, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, shared writing, interactive writing, guided writing and independent writing. Students develop these skills at his/her own developmental pace and lessons/activities are developed based on their needs.

11 Reading At Home Students should be engaged in reading 10 - 15 minutes a night, 60 minutes per week Students can read to adult, an adult can read to their student, or read together Students will be bringing home books, but can also read books from home, newspaper etc. Fill out the reading log with appropriate information and return monthly. See attached sheets with additional information on reading at home and tips on how to support your child with reading!

12 Word Study Spelling is memorization - Word Study is application Word Study gives students a reason to spell. What’s important is whether the child can spell the word weeks after assessments. Can they apply a pattern learned to a new word when needed? In addition to learning word study features (ex: short vowels) students will learn High Frequency words. Word Study is not a “one size fits all” program but is based on your child’s individual needs.

13 Math enVision, Investigations and other materials utilized to create lessons Provides resources for all levels of learners Daily problem solving and interactive learning to deepen conceptual understanding and provide meaningful connections Ongoing practice and review of previously learned concepts

14 Steps to obtaining Curriculum Go to (or visit Scottish Corner’s website) Click on Departments Click on Learning and Teaching Select and click Elementary Curriculum

15 Progress Book Communication Tool You will receive login information from the district, if you are new to the district. Use this information to access your child’s ongoing progress online throughout the year. No paper interims going home-you will have access anytime to your child’s information.

16 Progress Book Grading Scale Dublin City Schools grading system is standards based: AC, PR, LP. AC-achieving the indicators currently being taught. PR-progressing toward achieving the indicators. LP-limited progress towards achieving the indicators.

17 Parent Volunteers If you would like to volunteer please sign up tonight with your contact information and what time and days. I will send home a calendar later this month. Volunteers will begin as soon as possible!! Fun Friday!!! If you are able to help from home (ex: cutting items out) please let me know! Thank you all for assisting in helping this classroom be successful!

18 Wrap - Up Please send in medical (online Parent Portal), internet agreement, and handbook forms Conference Sign-Up PTO Party Sign-Up Volunteer Schedule Sign-Up Fall Conferences: October 17 & 23

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