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Back to School Night 2013 Welcome Parents! Room 14 Mrs. Carroll.

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1 Back to School Night 2013 Welcome Parents! Room 14 Mrs. Carroll

2 A Little About Me…

3 Shining Brighter Every Day

4 Language Arts Philosophy: Balanced Literacy

5 Language Arts Reading Components: Strategies that Work Making Meaning Shared Reading Modeled Reading Guided Reading Independent Reading

6 Language Arts Writing Components: Writing Workshop (Being a Writer) Mentor Texts Modeled Writing Guided Writing Independent Writing Word Study

7 Go Math! Concepts for 3 rd Grade: Addition and Subtraction within 1,000 Represent and Interpret Data Understand Multiplication Multiplication Facts and Strategies Understand Division Division Facts and Strategies Understand Fractions Compare Fractions Time, Length, Liquid Volume and Mass Perimeter and Area Two-Dimensional Shapes By the end of Gr. 3, students must know from memory all products of two one-digit numbers.

8 Changes to Expect in the New Go Math! Program more exploration of concepts BEFORE learning the steps to solve problems more hands-on activities higher expectation of student problem solving more higher-level thinking required expected to explain their thinking when solving problems more real-life applications of concepts deeper level of understanding more online opportunities for reteach, enrichment, and/or practice tests are all word problems spiral review on practice workbook pages

9 Math Meeting October 15 th 2:00 APR Central School October 17 th 7:00pm Woodland School

10 Social Studies Topics –Communities –Native American Communities –Jamestown –Pioneers – Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark –Economics –Local, State and National Government

11 Science Units Plant Growth and Development Rocks and Minerals Chemical Tests

12 NJASK3 New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge Language Arts/Math State assessment May Study groups

13 Classroom Procedures Expectations: STARS Strive to do your best daily Treat others the way you want to be treated Always show others kindness Respect yourself, others, and your environment Stay in control Homework –Usually 4 nights/week –Read for at least 15 minutes –Sign planner every night after homework is completed

14 Friday Folders Tests and quizzes Parent/teacher communication: –Note in planner –Voicemail –Email –My webpage Birthday Celebrations Classroom Procedures

15 Class Webpage

16 A Word From Our Homeroom Parents

17 Look Around the Room! Front Table –November conference sign ups –Party Sign-ups –Strategic Plan Brochure –District Survey Children’s work –GLYPH –All About Me Balloons –Good Morning Letter Thank you for coming!

18 Survey

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