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Back-to-School Night Mrs. Linda Wojton First Grade.

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1 Back-to-School Night Mrs. Linda Wojton First Grade

2 Classroom Environment Responsive Classroom Second Steps Program Positive Behavior Support Program

3 Reading Houghton Mifflin Invitations to Literacy Guided Reading Groups At-Home Reading Plan for Fluency Sight Vocabulary on word rings Phonics Strategies, Word Families, and High Frequency Words – in word study book Daily 5 – Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, and Spelling/Word Work

4 Writing Writing Workshop Approach Writer’s Notebook Inventive Spelling of Words Types of Writing: narrative, how-to, research, opinion, acrostic poems, letters

5 Word Study Word Families – in word study book High Frequency Words - beginning in January Five assigned words for 20 weeks

6 Math Scott-Foresman-Addison Wesley Investigations – TERC Emphasis on building number sense, number facts (addition and subtraction), counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s. Time, money, geometry, fractions, and measurement are topics too. MIC Maps – opportunity for parent volunteers!

7 Social Studies Harcourt HORIZONS Units: Going to School Good Citizens The Land Around Us All About People Looking Back Jobs People Do Nystrom Mapping Kit Tests Done Whole Group for Test-Taking Experience

8 Science Three Units Presented Throughout the Year: Balance and Motion Weather Organisms Very hands-on “Learning by doing”

9 Homework Typically given Monday through Thursday Homework itself need not be signed Tests/assessments will be sent home in a Test Envelope. Sign and return envelope and keep tests. Review sight vocabulary daily Math usually given each night Length: 10 minutes Good quality homework; build good work habits

10 Communication Message Book - check daily and initial the message (for a quick response) Take-Home Folders - Clean out daily; use to return homework, lunch ticket checks, book orders, etc. Voicemail: 215-944-1822 (for a response in 24 hrs.) Email address: (for a response 24-48 hrs.) Teacher Website: weekly newsletter, weekly homework, etc. Correspondence (book orders, field trip forms, etc.): please use marked envelopes Changes in dismissal should be communicated in the message book or called into the office.

11 Parent Volunteers See page on my website Mystery Readers Sharing Talent or Hobby Math Class Volunteer Computer Class Volunteer (begin Nov./Dec.)

12 Absences/Tardies Recommend use of digital means For vacations, request form from office prior to absence Missed work will be given upon your child’s return to school.

13 Field Trips Theater Trip may be planned

14 American Heroes Show Save the Date! Wednesday, November 11 6:30 PM Your child will need a red, white, or blue shirt. Letter sent home last week.

15 November Conferences See sign-up sheet

16 Birthdays During morning snack time approx. 11:00 AM Nut-free classroom (check labels) No traveling with birthday treats Bring in a class supply of napkins Summer birthdays can choose to do “half- birthdays” Please contact me prior to bringing in treats Note Mr. Reid’s email last week Invitations to parties may not be given out at school

17 Star of the Week See bulletin board Schedule is posted on my website Download information sheets Send in bulletin board items (only) the week prior Let me know prior if you will be coming in for the Me Bag Share

18 Indoor Recess Plastic baggie to be filled and left in school

19 Lunch Money If your child will be buying lunch regularly or occasionally, recommend buying a lunch ticket See the MMW/CR website or the First Grade Handbook on my website for specific details. Will be notified via your child’s folder when money is running low. When paying an IOU, please pay the exact amount in cash. Put it in an envelope with your child’s name on it. Difficult for children to hold onto the cash since they have recess before lunch

20 Morning Snack Please send in one nutritious snack for your child every day (even on early dismissal days). Juice boxes, soda, etc. are not permitted in the classroom at snack time. Water is permitted in the class at all times. Water bottles remain in the children’s cubbies. Snacks containing peanuts or nuts are not permitted in the classrooms at snack time.

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