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ViciDocs for BPO Companies Creating Info repositories from documents.

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1 ViciDocs for BPO Companies Creating Info repositories from documents

2 Typical Needs of BPOs As part of BPO, documents need to be managed between the outsourcing company and the offshore company. Multiple clients need to be managed by the BPO Company Security of the documents has to be ensured so that there is no unauthorized access of the documents to other organizations. Quick turnaround times have to be managed. Appropriate process flow of the documents has to be present in the system to check the status of the documents at any point of time.

3 ViciDocs Features ViciDocs is a comprehensive Document Management System enabling Organizations manage their documents very effectively. The following are some of the broad level features of ViciDocs base product. Robust capture process which allows the storage of electronic as well as paper documents through scanning. Provision for creating and managing folder hierarchy for managing clients and their documents. Comprehensive security with various permissions like ReadOnly, Write, Delete, FullControl, Owner etc., OCR integration thus allowing the retrieval of text from the scanned and electronic documents.

4 ViciDocs Features (contd…) Provision for entering metadata to the documents stored. Fulltext and MetaData Search on the documents stored in the repository. Full fledged version control enabling the documents to be tracked. Flexible workflow system enabling the users create custom and flexible workflow templates. Web based search, retrieval and administration. Document conversion from image to various office formats like Word, PDF, Excel, HTML etc., Universal viewer which supports the display of around 150 different file formats without the native application. Support for integrating ViciDocs into other legacy applications using API.

5 What is ViciDocs BPO ViciDocs-BPO has been designed with ViciDocs as the base product to suit the BPO vertical requirements. This is a complete web based solution which enables the BPO Company ’ s clients to store documents automatically on the server. Data Entry and Quality check users can automatically download the documents in a web based interface to do their respective operations on the documents uploaded. Comprehensive reports have been developed to track the status of the documents at any given point of time.

6 ViciDocs-BPO Components The following are the key components of ViciDocs-BPO Admin interface Auto Uploader Document Router Interfaces for different user types Client and Supervisor interfaces

7 Components – Admin Interface The Admin interface allows the administrator to perform the following actions. Create Clients with different priorities. Create users for different types of users like Supervisor, Client, Data Entry, Quality Check etc., Perform a user to client mapping for allowing specific users to handle specific clients. Rules definition for routing the documents to specific folders based on the document content for each client separately. Configuring the server for the storage of the documents, defining security, creating folders for each client etc.,

8 Components – Auto Uploader Resides on the client machine for uploading the documents. Inbuilt scanning component with options for Color Or Black&White Multiple resolutions. Flat Bed/ADF Single or Multi-Page documents Also, allows the monitoring of a specific folder, where the client can keep storing the documents. Automatic upload of a new documents stored or scanned. User configurable frequency of upload. Automatic archiving of documents after uploading. Supports Multiple instances on the same machine

9 Components – Document Router As and when documents are uploaded the Document Router grabs the documents and OCRs them. Based on the text content of the documents, the admin defined rules will be applied and the documents will be routed to the appropriate folders. All documents which don’t satisfy the admin configured rules will be stored in a default folder which can be moved to any specific folder by the admin.

10 Components – User Interfaces User interfaces are provided for the Data Entry operators, Quality Check personnel and if required CPA kind of personnel for handling the documents. The users will have provision to view the documents for a client one after the other in the viewer to do the Data Entry in the corresponding package. Provision for entering the comments in case of providing feedback to the next user in the queue of handling the documents. Provision for moving the documents to the next user automatically.

11 Components – User Interfaces (contd…) Provision for rejecting a document based on the data entry by the QC users. The rejected documents will automatically be sent back to the Data Entry users for re entry of data. For CPA kind of users, provision to embed rubber stamps on the image (Like Audited/Verified etc.,) thus visually showing that a document is Audited. Reporting facility for each of the Data Entry, QC and CPA users to check out the status of their documents and the count of documents they have processed.

12 Client and Supervisor Interfaces Elaborate reporting feature is provided for the Client and Supervisor users for checking out the status of various documents. Reports can be generated based on Users who have done the Data Entry, QC, Auditing etc., Date range for Documents stored, Data entered, Quality Checked, Audited etc., Status of the documents like Data Entered, QC Accepted, QC Rejected, CPA Audited etc., Client whose documents have been processed – this will be available for the supervisor.

13 Environment Server Operating System: Windows 2000, 2003 Web server: IIS with.NET platform. Database: SQL Server, Oracle etc., Client Operating System: Any windows machine like Windows 98, NT, 2000, 2003, XP etc., Browser: IE 5.0 or better.

14 Thank You India Office Vicisoft Technologies Pvt Ltd H. No. 3-42-41, Adjacent to Plot No. 55 Samrat Colony, West Marredpally Hyderabad – 500026 Tel(O): +91-40-27713167, 27713168 UAE Office Vicisoft Technologies Fze P.O. Box: 120864 Sharjah, U.A.E Tel: +971-6-5572900 Fax: +971-6-5572100 Email: URL:

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