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Information Technology IBM DB2 Content Manager “Lunch N Learn” 03/14/2007.

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1 Information Technology IBM DB2 Content Manager “Lunch N Learn” 03/14/2007

2 Information Technology 2 What is Content Manager ?  IBM DB2 Content Manager is a software solution that provides a foundation for managing, accessing, and integrating critical business information on demand.  Integration of Business Content: –Scanned Images –Documents –Faxes –Other Unstructured Content  Automation of Business Processes: –Integrated Workflow –Electronic Folder/Document Routing

3 Information Technology 3 Content Manager and the Registrar Office Pilot Project (Phase I): Started April 2006  Approximately 7000 Paper Transcripts stored in filing cabinets that are kept in a Marist warehouse  Problem: –A transcript request may take many days to locate –Copies of the paper transcript must be made –Old transcripts then re-filed into filing cabinet –The warehouse is damp, dusty, and may cause degradation of the transcripts  Solution: –Scan the transcripts, digitized format stored in Content Manager –Install the Content Manager Client software on all desktop computers in Registrar  Current Status: –About 6900 transcripts now reside in Content Manager –A request for a transcript will now take a few minutes to search, view, and print in Registrar

4 Information Technology 4 Scan and Store Definition Template Customer Requirements  Identify documents to be scanned –Size –Paper type –White or colored paper –Can multiple documents be scanned or one sheet at a time  Identify number of documents for each scan –Sequence of scan if multiple pages  Identify data required to categorize scanned item (metadata) –Examples Name Date item was scanned Type of document Version  Identify if data can be updated  Identify hierarchy of data if required  Identify authority required for scans, printing, viewing  Identify types of reports required  Identify backup, archive requirements  Identify any legal requirements  Identify when data can be deleted –Automatic or manual deletion

5 Information Technology 5 Integrated Workflow  If you have a defined process, a workflow can be set up to route the documents…

6 Information Technology 6 Integrated Workflow (continued)…  The use of workflow is a means to route information, documents, memos in a timely manner to users or groups of users within a department, or the organization.

7 Information Technology 7 Questions / Answers…

8 Information Technology 8 In case you missed it… MARIST WINS!

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