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Biotechnology Overview

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1 Biotechnology Overview
Create a Frayer Diagram graphic organizer

2 Diagram layout Biotechnology Manipulating DNA Genomics
Genetic Engineering Genetic Screening Diagram layout

3 Manipulating DNA Cut DNA with restriction enzymes
At specific locations Gel electrophoresis creates maps of the DNA Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)- copies DNA DNA Fingerprint – molecular identification for an individual Forensics, Paternity and kinship, study biodiversity changes. Manipulating DNA

4 Genetic Engineering Adding or changing DNA Cloning Adding Genes
Genetically identical copy Plants clone through regeneration; animals clone via nuclear transfer Adding Genes Recombinant DNA – most often uses bacterial plasmids Transgenic organisms – contains genes from multiple organisms (i.e. GMOs) Gene Knockout – Turning off specific genes Genetic Engineering

5 Genomics Study of Genomes Human Genome Project
Gene sequencing – maps the order of the nucleotide sequence Human Genome Project Completed in 2003 (nucleotide order) Today – locating the specific locations of genes on chromosomes Bioinformatics – analyze biodata DNA microarrays – analyzing many genes at once Proteomics – study and compare protein structures based on gene information Genomics

6 Determine the risk of having or passing on a genetic disorder
Gene Therapy – Replacing defective or missing genes Use stem cells (bone marrow) “suicide” genes in cancer cells Genetic Counseling – Use information from gene sequencing to counsel individuals about genetic risk factors. Genetic Screening

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