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Floor Coverings. 1.Considerations when choosing flooring….. Fairly permanent/long lived choice Durability: Especially high-traffic areas Cost: material.

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1 Floor Coverings

2 1.Considerations when choosing flooring….. Fairly permanent/long lived choice Durability: Especially high-traffic areas Cost: material quality, installation, and maintenance. Aesthetic: Color, texture, client preferences Acoustic control Codes: Fire and building

3 2. Floor Treatments Hard: solid, strong, durable Brick, Stone, Marble, Concrete, Tile, Wood Resilient: flexible, give, bounce Cork, Fibers, Linoleum, Rubber, Vinyl Soft: soft, comfort, warmth Carpeting, Area Rugs, Mats

4 Calculations 3.Hard Flooring is priced by square foot 4.Carpet/Vinyl is priced by square yard. 5. Calculation formula: Square footage: __ w X __ l = _____ sq. ft. Square yardage: ___ sq. ft. ÷ 9 = ___ sq. yds. (there are 9 sq. feet in a yard)

5 Types of Hard Flooring: Wood & Tile

6 6.Advantage to Wood flooring: Durable Considered permanent Complements any décor Variety of colors Average to high cost Care: dry mop, mild soap and water, can refinish

7 Parquet – Parquet wood flooring is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for a decorative design / pattern. The patterns of parquet flooring are entirely geometrical and angular – squares, triangles or lozenges.

8 Plank - Plank wood flooring is linear and has more width. Common widths of plank flooring are 3" - 8" and wider products are not uncommon although the wider the more concerns for effects by moisture.

9 Strip - Strip wood flooring is also linear and is usually 1 1/2", 2 1/4" or 3 1/4" wide. Creating a linear effect, strip wood floor in a new room often gives the room a larger look.

10 7. Laminate – Laminate flooring is a look alike for wood. It is made with particle board and vinyl combination. It is affordable and durable.

11 8. Tile/Stone Flooring: Durable Easily Cleaned Cold feel Expensive Can Crack/Break

12 Mexican Tile - Crude base made of clay from earth. Hand shaped and sun dried, limited range of colors. Durable, informal, inexpensive.

13 Ceramic Tile - One of the hardest most durable coverings. May be glazed or unglazed, comes in many colors, patterns and textures. Any size or shape.

14 Flagstone/Slate - Any flat stone that varies in size, thickness, quality. Versatile, durable. Color ranges from soft grays, beiges, reddish brown. Expensive.

15 Brick - Durable, little upkeep. Many textures, sizes, colors. Transmits moisture and cold readily, absorbs grease unless treated. Absorbs solar energy.

16 9. Marble& Granite - Hardest non-resilient material. Gives feeling of elegance. Variety of colors. Very expensive. Use anywhere, especially appropriate with classic styles. Must be sealed.

17 10. Resilient Flooring: One of the most popular Flooring is made of material that has some elasticity, such as vinyl. Less Expensive with great variety of color and pattern Will need to replace sooner than wood or tile flooring Can imitate any flooring Damp mopped

18 11. Vinyl - Tough, resists stains, durable. Variety of patterns and colors. Comes on rolls or do-it-yourself tiles. Low cost to very expensive. Can be used anywhere. Soap and water, can use special cleaners. No waxing needed.

19 Vinyl Composition - Resists stains, very durable. Low cost to very expensive. Can be used anywhere. Can be waxed and polished.

20 12. Linoleum - Made of cork, linseed oil, color, gum and poured onto a canvas backing. Ecologically friendly- does not give off pollutant into the air. Highly durable with a smooth washable surface.

21 Soft Flooring: Carpet & Rugs Muffle noises Insulates Cost ranges Provided Cushion

22 13. Broadloom Carpet Wall to wall carpet is viewed as a standard item in today’s homes. Large variety of colors and textures. Can serve as a transition from one room to another. Insulates well, warm, quiet, easier on body Average to high cost. (carpet, pad and installation) Carpet Installation: can be glued directly to the floor padding and tack board can be placed under the carpet 14. Vacuum daily = high traffic Vacuum weekly = low traffic Stain removal with cleaner or shampooing may be needed.

23 15. Padding is Necessary For: Shock absorption Insulation Decreasing noise Extend life of carpet

24 Cost Considerations: Product (quality, upkeep and care) Labor Padding Need to install a Sub-floor? Labor for floor removal if needed The Cost! per sq. yd or sq. ft.

25 Quality Depends On: Fiber Content Construction Depth of Pile

26 16. Pile Density: Density of Pile—The closeness with which yarns are tufted, woven or tied. The more dense, the more durable.

27 The plush type carpets are much softer to walk or lay on and they offer better sound and thermal insulation. They tend to crush and matt though when they are subjected to high levels of foot traffic.

28 Carpet Textures: Frieze Loop (tufted) Plush Berber (type of loop) Shag Loop (tufted) Berber (a type of loop) Frieze Plush Shag

29 17. Carpet Construction

30 18. Carpet Fibers Carpets can be made of a single fiber or a blend. Blends give positive qualities of each fiber Higher quality fibers perform better and last longer Higher quality = higher cost Carpet fibers can be woven and backed Carpet fibers can be glued or fuse-bonded

31 Carpet Fibers: Nylon: most expensive, softest. Resilient in high traffic areas Olefin: Highly stain resistant, fade resistant, mold resistant, good for indoor and outdoor. Not resilient…loop construction Polyester: Not as resilient as nylon but cost efficient, stain resistant. Acrylic: Substitute for wool, less expensive, fast drying, fairly stain resistant, wears out quickly, better for area rugs. Wool: Naturally fire resistant, durable, long lasting, very expensive, not used often anymore.

32 Add softness and warmth Large variety, color and texture Provide character as accessories Can become a focal point in the room Can define and area of use Area Rugs

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