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Welcome to First Grade! Mrs. Rocha. Mrs. Rocha’s Website

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1 Welcome to First Grade! Mrs. Rocha

2 Mrs. Rocha’s Website

3 Mrs. Rocha’s contact information

4 School Schedule ★ 8:59 School starts ★ 12:00-12:40 Lunch/Recess ★ 2:30-2:50 Recess ★ 2:40 PLC Dismissals ★ 3:55 Dismissal Office phone # 586-752-0290

5 Specials Schedule ★ Monday-Gym ★ Tuesday-Music ★ Wednesday-Gym ★ Thursday-Library ★ Friday-Art

6 ● Folders ○Green Folder ■Daily Work ■Behavior Calendar ■Return each day ○Friday Folder ■Corrected Work for the week ■Newsletter/ Notes ■Return on Monday Classroom Folders ○ Green Folder ■ Daily Work ■ Behavior Calendar ■ Return each day ○ Friday Folder ■ Corrected Work for the week ■ Newsletter/ Notes ■ Spelling Words (later) ■ Return on Monday

7 Homework ★ Read (Book Bags later) ★ Sight Words (5 per week) ★ Math IXL ★ Spelling Words (later)

8 A Few More Things... ★ Student of the Week ○ Poster ○ Items to Share each day ★ Bus Tags ○ Please keep on backpack ○ Check (correct if needed) ★ Book Bags (to come later) ★ Snack ○ Water bottles labeled ○ Healthy Snack

9 ★ Birthday treats ○ Easy to pass out ○ No pizza parties, etc. ★ Birthday invitations only if to the whole class ★ Treasures ○ Please keep at home ○ Only permitted for student of the week Even More Things...

10 Classroom Management “Super Bulldogs BARK” ★ Class Dojo ○ Recorded on calendar each day ★ Parents will have opportunity to create an account to view behavior: daily and weekly

11 Parents will need their photo ID anytime they come to pick up their child from school. This is simply a safety precaution. Please send a note explaining any dismissals different from the normal day. Dismissals

12 ★ Parent Volunteer Survey Form: tonight, access from website, or send link. ★ Child Information Survey Form: send link or access from website. ★ Feel free to pick a BANANA to donate an item for our class. Parent Volunteers

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