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Welcome to Second Grade Mrs. Vaughn’s Second Grade D track.

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1 Welcome to Second Grade Mrs. Vaughn’s Second Grade D track

2 Common Core Standards GO MATH -Focuses on process ( drawing, using manipulatives). Students should be able to explain thought process. Reading -Expository ( fact based passages) -Fluency leads to comprehension *** There will be parent trainings throughout the year to help!

3 Fluency Fluency is assessed two times a trimester. The fluency grade is an average of these cold reads. A fluency is timed for one minute and is a total of words read subtracted by mistakes or skipped words. Students are expected to not just read fast but read with the punctuation and with expression. No robot reading!

4 Homework Homework is to be practice of skills that are taught in class. I do not grade it, except for participation. On Monday, a spelling list and fluency will be sent home in the homework folder. A menu for reading and spelling activities will be kept in the folder as well. Activities will be recorded on calendar kept in folder. Math will come home nightly in their daily folder after lesson is taught in class. All homework is turned in on Friday in the homework folder. If there are incomplete or missing assignments, student will have the opportunity to complete during homework club on Fun Friday.

5 Classroom management/rules Students are free to do anything in class that does not cause a problem for anyone else. If a problem is caused, we will do something about it. Each child is an individual and will be treated as such in our classroom. Every person in our class will be treated with the respect they deserve.

6 Class Dojo At the beginning of each week, every child starts over with points. Points are added and subtracted throughout the day based on decisions the student makes. Behavior reports are sent home by email every Friday. Notes will be added as needed. Parents can log in and check at any time during the week.

7 Any incidents that occur in class will be notified to parents either by email or phone call. Please be sure both are up to date all year long so that we can keep up our home/school communication.

8 Birthdays Birthdays are a special time in our classroom. To make sure that each child feels special, we will do a birthday book in class on the day of their birthday. We will do all treats on the track change day of that month. A note will come home at the beginning of the month to make sure that we have a variety of treats available. Please try to send all invitations through regular U.S. mail or email, so no feelings are hurt.

9 Donner Folder At the beginning of the week, the Donner folder will come home. I try to make sure all important information comes home in this folder. This may include: -permission slips -notes from the office -project requests -upcoming events -returned work

10 Returned work Please check all returned work. Tests that receive a score of less than passing (70%), will be sent home with a note to redo for a higher grade. I will average the two grades to get the new grade for the test.

11 Field trips Permission slips need to be turned in 24 hours before the day of the field trip in order to go. Please send in with money at the same time in an envelope labeled with your child’s name. I will not take them separately.

12 Tardies 1 st Bell rings at 8:05 Late if not in room by 8:10 bell More than one tardy - no Fun Friday for the week

13 Volunteers There are lots of opportunities to help our classroom. in class – small group, prep for lessons, guest reader, field trips at home – correcting, donations

14 Any Other questions? email: phone: 683-3073 until 4:00 Donner/MrsRVaughn/

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