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How to get in touch with me: School phone: 582-5907 ext. 3707.

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1 How to get in touch with me: Email: School phone: 582-5907 ext. 3707

2 Class Schedule Lunch: 12:15-12:40 Recess: 12:40-1:10 Related Arts Classes: 11:00-11:55 1 SCIENCE 2 TECHNOLOGY 3 Music/PE 4 ART 5 PE/MUSIC

3 Lunch and Snack Info Please send lunch money in an envelope with your child’s name and teacher’s name on it. Ex. Bailey Hughes Mrs. Hughes’ Class

4 Daily Folder There will be a daily take-home folder where notes and homework will be located. This will be the place students put math homework and the D-Card for daily discipline. This item can be purchased for $5.00 on Meet the Teacher night.

5 Graded Work I will grade work we have completed during the week, put it in a folder, and send it home for you to look through and sign. You will keep the work and send back the empty folder. This gives you a “week in review” look at the progress your child is making. This is a good chance for you to celebrate success, or talk with your child about things that can be improved upon. It also so helps with the “ What did you do at school today” conversation. These folders will come home on Mondays along with a newsletter for the week ahead.

6 Guidelines for Nightly Routine Check daily folder for D-Card and Math practice(no HW on test days). The practice sheet should have been completed in class and all you would do is sign for you child to return it the next morning. (5 min.) Practice Math Facts (10 min.) Monthly Reading log (read a book/chapter each night) and Monthly Speller’s Choice(complete one activity a week). (15 min.) Review for any Science or Social Studies tests. ( Every few weeks.) Prepare your backpack for the next day. Don’t forget that signed Math sheet!!!

7 Classroom Events Birthdays: I will recognize birthdays in class with a card signed by the class. If your child wants to bring treats for the class, they will have to be shared at recess time. Please be sure that they are easy to manage snacks. Parties: We will have three parties this year. If you would like to sign up to help with the Fall Party, Christmas Party, or Valentine’s Day Party, please fill in the sign up sheet so I can contact you closer to the party date.

8 Book Orders I will be sending book orders home each month. If you choose to order books, please send CHECKS ONLY MADE TO THE BOOK CLUB. I will send your check directly to the book company. Don’t forget to write you child’s name on the order form. OR, you can order online!

9 Attendance and Make-up Work Regular attendance is crucial to student success. If your child must be absent please use the absentee hotline. The number is in your Red Folder. When an absence occurs, your child’s missed work will be collected on their desk for them to pick up on their return. I will go over that work with them and answer any questions they may have on that work. They then have the same number of days missed to complete and return it in. I’m very flexible on helping students get caught up after an illness. We can work this out together to best meet the needs of your child and situation.

10 Late Work and Change in Going Home Routine Late work is different than make-up work. Assignments that are incomplete, lost, forgotten at home, or eaten by the family pet are essentially late. I want to encourage responsibility. Therefore, students that have late or missing work may need to use recess time to complete that assignment, have points take off, or both. When there is a change in your child’s going home routine please send a note so I can get your child to the correct place to get home. If I don’t get a note, I’ll have to have your child follow their regular routine.

11 Classroom Management Earn While You Learn is a job-based program that promotes a positive, real-life environment in the classroom. This program helps reinforce skills in money counting and managing, economics, and responsibility. I feel like it also gives students a vested interest and ownership in their classroom. All students will have a D-Card that records behavior throughout the week. It will be in the red folder each day. However, there may be a need for an individualized behavior program for students having difficulty with self-control, following directions, disturbing others, or disrespect. If this need arises, I feel parents and teacher should work together to come up with the best behavior plan that will encourage student success.

12 Classroom Programs Hughes Diner. See power point on website.

13 Thank You Thank you for sharing your child with me this year. I know we will accomplish GREAT things together!!!

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