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2 Make sure to…. Sign-in Sign-up for  Parties  Volunteering

3 Daily Schedule 9:00-Morning Work 9:30-Morning Meeting 9:45-Literacy/Daily 5 11:25-Recess/Lunch 12:20-Finish Literacy/Daily 5 12:40-Read Aloud/CAFÉ Strategies 1:00-Math 1:30-Specials 2:00-Math Cont’ 2:30-Rocket Math 2:45-Science/Social Studies OR Writing 3:15-Wrap up the day 3:30-Dismiss

4 DAILY 5 Read to Self Read To Someone Listen to Reading Work on Writing Work on Words Read to Self everyday Choice of 2 more each day. Learning to choose “Just Right” Books

5 Everyday Math Worksheets are kept in class in their “Math Journal.” Interactive Spiraling curriculum Math Night coming soon to Centennial. More info to follow.

6 Miscellaneous Visit our class website at  Click on Faculty and Staff  Faculty and Classroom 2 nd grade Molly Smith Class Newsletters, Class Schedule, Important Dates, etc.

7 Thanks for coming!! Visit us anytime!

8 Tests Spelling and comprehension tests every Friday.  Practice spelling lists at home.  Will give dictation sentences.  Comprehension tests on our “Story of the Week.”

9 Behavior Management-Clip Chart Outstanding Great Job Good Day ***Ready to Learn*** Think About It Teacher’s Choice Parent Contact Students who have an exceptionally good day can move to “Off the Chart.”

10 Thursday Folders Red Will go home every Thursday Send back EVERY Friday Notes from:  Class  PTA  School office  District office  Community organizations

11 Homework Folders Will be sent home on Mondays Return to school with completed homework the following Monday. Homework graded on completion Please check over your child’s homework after he/she completes it.

12 Daily Reading Log Folder-SEND BACK DAILY! Children expected to read 20 mins/night Write the title of ONE book read and initial with the date. Books assigned on Letter explaining how to log on will go home on Monday. Use this as a resource but also allow your child to choose other books to read. Initial the daily behavior chart each night.

13 Snacks Children may bring one snack to school each day. Quick and easy to eat. Somewhat healthy. Water bottles allowed. Please no juice boxes.

14 Birthdays Can send a treat to school for your child’s birthday. No cupcakes please! Class will make each birthday student a book as their gift. Birthday celebrations will be small and quick to ensure that learning time is not lost. Summer birthdays can celebrate anytime during the year. Let me know what works best for you.

15 Scholastic Book Orders Will be sent home each month. Can order with check or online with credit card. Online ordering=more free books for our class. Do not send cash. Books as presents-send me a note and I will “brown bag” them and keep them a surprise from the children.

16 Absences/Changes in Routines Call the office if your child will be absent from school. Changes in transportation-send a note or call the office.  DO NOT EMAIL ANY TRANSPORTATION CHANGES!

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