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Welcome to Parent Orientation Night! Please sign up for a parent/teacher conference on the table.

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1 Welcome to Parent Orientation Night! Please sign up for a parent/teacher conference on the table.

2 2 nd Grade Daily Schedule 7:35-7:50 - Arrival 7:50 – 8:05 – Target the Question 8:05 – 8:30 – Calendar/Morning Meeting 8:30 – 9:00 – Knight Time 9:00 – 10:15 – Math 10:15- Listen to Reading and Snack 10:15 – 11:55 – Daily 5 12:00 – 12:30 – Lunch 12:30 – 1:00 – Recess 1:00 – 1:45 – Science/Social Studies/Health 1:45 – Pack Up 1:55 – 2:40 – Specials 2:45 - Dismiss

3 Folders “Knightly” Folder - Homework - Any correspondence necessary Newsday Tuesday - Important Messages - Notes/Letters from PTA

4 Attendance Magic Time – 10:00 am Attendance graphing Funding $$ Please come prepared each day. ▫The office will not be delivering items to classrooms.

5 Parent Conferences 1 st Report cards will be given to parents at conferences. (Sept. 30 - Oct 4) Assessments, progress, goals, observations, etc. will be discussed at this time. Please sign up for conferences tonight if you didn’t at “Meet the Teacher.”

6 Report Cards o Second grade will be using standards based reporting rather than ‘number’ grades.

7 Arrivals Car Riders: ▫Dropped off at the front of the building Bikers: ▫Ride to the front of the building – students will walk their bikes to the bike rack and enter through the cafeteria. Walkers: ▫Walk around the front of the building and enter in the main doors. School Bus & Daycare Bus: ▫Bus will drop students off in the back of the school and enter through the cafeteria.

8 Dismissal Car Riders: ▫No car tag? You may check your child out in the office after car line has finished. ▫Please no cell phones ▫Expect delays the first couple weeks Bikers & Walkers: ▫Teachers will walk students off school property. Please do not wait for your child at the playground. We also ask that you do not park in Madison. School Bus & Daycare Bus: ▫Buses leave from the back of the school

9 Procedures The office will not dismiss students after 2:20 from the classroom. If there is a change to the normal transportation routine, a parent must send a note with your child or email the teacher before 1:30. (We will not be in the classroom 1:55-2:40) Beginning next week, students will need to walk to their own classroom at the start of the school day. After you eat lunch with your child, please check out at front office. ▫Assume the email has NOT been received if you do not receive a response from the teacher.

10 Nurse Terri ALL MEDICATIONS, including over the counter MUST have a parent note AND a doctor’s note. Cough drops are considered a medication. Lip balm that only contains Vaseline is permitted. Fever Free 24 hours without pain medication

11 Bad Weather In the event of bad weather, we will ensure your child’s safety by following our district’s safety procedures.

12 Birthdays ▫You may send a treat for the class with your child on the morning of their birthday! No balloons, etc.  Please make sure they are store bought because of health issues within our school. ▫If you would like invitations handed out at school, please make sure all children in the class are invited.

13 Mark your calendar December 20 – Winter Party (11:45-12:30) February 13 – 2 nd grade performance (PTA meeting 6:00) February 14 – Valentine Party (2:00-2:30) June 6 – End of Year Party (11:45-12:30) ▫Older siblings are not allowed to attend.

14 Homework Homework will be assigned on Monday and will be turned in on Friday. This will be graphed in children’s data binders. Homework will be on the back of the newsletter and sent in the “Knightly Folder.”

15 Spelling Based upon common assessment, students will be divided into multiple spelling groups. Words are given on Monday and test will be given Friday.

16 Guided Reading Begin after parent conference week Blue book bag ▫Return daily

17 BIG math stations B – Buddy games I – Independent practice G – Guided practice

18 Classroom Management Plan What it looks like in my class. ▫Love and Logic ▫Tickets/Dollars

19 Items we collect Box tops Sunny D labels Tyson project A+ labels Coke rewards Community Coffee labels Tyson chicken “labels for education”

20 Ms. Johnston 940-369-0700

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