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HOSPITALITY STONE CARE PROGRAM Presenter’s Name Title of Presenter Month xx, 20xx.

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1 HOSPITALITY STONE CARE PROGRAM Presenter’s Name Title of Presenter Month xx, 20xx

2 Lustrous, Shiny Stone Floors

3 Bring Guests Back by Making a Good First Impression Pinnacle™ Stone Care Program  Ecolab offers a comprehensive program customized to meet your stone care needs  Project a clean and inviting environment from the minute guests and visitors arrive  Keep floors clean, shiny and always looking their best  Extend the life of your natural stone care program

4 Challenges Image is Everything… Clean and Lustrous Stone Floors Your commitment to a superior guest experience is compromised by:  Unappealing black heel marks and stains in lobby and public spaces  High traffic areas looking dull and dirty  Dirty grout lines and hard to clean ceramic floors  Maintaining stone floors can be time consuming, labor intensive and disruptive  Training staff on proper stone care procedures is difficult to coordinate and complete  In-house versus out-sourcing

5 Solutions Solutions for Every Stone Challenge  Avoid black heel marks and protection against unappealing stains  Uniform, bright appearance to high traffic stone areas with minimal downtime. Increased time interval between repeat deep restorative maintenance sessions  Clean and remove odor causing soils from grout lines  Proper chemistry, equipment and procedures for daily, interim and restorative maintenance at a lower overall cost  On-site training, regular visits and comprehensive bilingual and customizable training program for your staff  Ability to customize a stone program to fit in-house or out- sourcing needs based on your property

6 Bring out the Natural Beauty of Your Stone Floors  Comprehensive stone care solutions  Best-trained service team  Very effective & innovative chemistry and equipment  Comprehensive training program to optimize your results  Customizable in-house or out-sourced programs to meet all your needs

7 Stone Care Maintenance Cycles Increasing Cost

8 Defining The Right Product  Ecolab can provide the perfect solution based on your natural stone type  Marble or Granite? Acid test - inconspicuous area Marble will etch – Granite will not Scratch test - inconspicuous area Marble will scratch – Granite will not  Why is it important? Acid cleaners will damage marble surfaces and they should never be used on or near it Stone Identification

9 Achieve High Satisfaction Ratings with Clean and Lustrous Stone Floors  Challenge Gloss reduced over time with daily cleaning and loss of natural color Cleaners that damage and etch stone floors Red wine, coffee, tea, juice stains on stone floors, tabletops, countertops and vanities  Solution Pinnacle ™ Floor Cleaner/Conditioner helps develop a natural patina and increased gloss while providing added protection against soiling. Special conditioners enhance the natural color of marble, terrazzo and granite. Oasis Pro ™ 70 Marble-Safe Cleaner gently cleans and is safe for sensitive stone surfaces such as marble, terrazzo and limestone. Will not etch marble substrates. Pinnacle ™ Stone Impregnator protects stone surfaces from staining while allowing natural stone to breath Daily Maintenance

10 Freshen Up Your High Traffic Areas  Challenge Natural stone looses its luster High traffic areas appear dull and worn Light scratches are noticeable Etch marks caused by acidic beverages Impact on the environment  Solution Pinnacle ™ Marble Polish Paste is an easy-to-use compound that restores polish of worn marble, travertine and other carbonate-based stone, as well as removes etch marks. Polishes, conditions and offers initial water and stain resistance without damaging stone surfaces Pinnacle ™ Granite Polish Cream is an easy-to- use formula repairs the light scratches and wear patterns in traffic lanes, as well as removes etch marks. Restores lightly worn granite while enhancing water and stain resistance Pinnacle ™ polishes effectively maintain / restore stone floors and lengthens time between labor intensive restoration work - no burnishing required, safeguarding employee well-being Interim Maintenance

11 Freshen Up Your High Traffic Areas  Challenge Dirty grout lines and odor causing soils Hard to clean ceramic tile floors  Solution Pinnacle ™ Intensive Tile Cleaner’s unique, alkaline formula removes stubborn soils and odor from grout lines Pinnacle ™ Grout Line Impregnator protects and repels grout lines from soil, grease and urine stains. Makes daily cleaning easier. Interim Maintenance

12 Unappealing Etch Marks Can Create Negative First Impressions

13 Almost Every Customer has Issues with Dirty Grout Lines

14 Keep Your Stone Floors Looking New  Challenge Natural stone no longer responds to interim maintenance procedures Deep scratches and stains are extremely noticeable  Solution Ecolab offers a comprehensive restorative maintenance suite of solutions based on customer’s needs Equipment/tools/accessories Floor pads Abrasives Cleaners Stain removal Protection Polishes Restorative Maintenance

15  A comprehensive approach that can help you conserve resources, improve safety and reduce waste.  Providing sustainable solutions that go beyond green to help you create a cleaner, safer, healthier environment. The Ecolab Total Impact Approach To Sustainability

16 Energy:  Reduces consumption by extending time period between energy intensive restorative work  No burnishing required Safety:  Environmentally responsible, highly effective solutions  Reduced processes mean reduced labor  Reduced chemical consumption  There are no burnishing processes that protect your employees from harmful VOC’s released during the burnishing process Pinnacle ™ Stone Care Program helps you conserve water, energy and labor resources Sustainable Stone Care

17 Pinnacle Stone Care training  Onsite, in-service training planned with management and supervisory staff (safe chemical handling, safety information review, product application and procedure training)  Certification training  Color-coded product range designed to reinforce product choice and procedure training  Training documentation on service delivery reports with recommendations for follow-up and reinforcement by management  Training on all new products and equipment  Graphic wall charts and multilingual procedure charts  Technical service support including water quality, surface analysis, and product compatibility Proven training program increases employee productivity and ensures consistent results

18 Oasis Pro™ Colors of Clean training  Comprehensive training system includes video, binder, cards, certificates and more  Program uses color-coded, illustration based system and includes procedure  Instruction in 7 languages  Emphasis is on procedures and safety  Knowledge helps optimize cleaning process and chemical use  Closes language barrier for easier training and reference  Coordinates products with dispensers with tools to emphasize proper procedures and safety Ecolab Benefits: Customer Benefits:

19 Partner with Ecolab… Bring Out the Natural Beauty of Your Stone Floors  Comprehensive stone care solutions  Best-trained service team helps match the right solution and the right process to the issue at hand  Highly effective, sustainable and operationally efficient solutions  Comprehensive training program to optimize your results  Customizable in-house or out-sourced programs to meet the unique needs of your facility

20 The Ecolab Advantage  Pinnacle Stone Care Program is developed to positively impact guest satisfaction, increase operational efficiency and clean sustainably  Pinnacle Stone Care Program is supported by regular service to evaluate program results, ensure program effectiveness and address training needs and  360º of Protection ® Program solutions designed to address the unique needs of your facility through solutions, service, training and equipment Solutions Delivered

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