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Chill Out With MaxR100™! AllGard Surface Care LLC

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1 Chill Out With MaxR100™! AllGard Surface Care LLC

2 MaxR100™ is an intermetallic compound that forms a permanent bond to metal surfaces, which removes oil fouling, changes the thermal nature of the metal and lowers the boiling point of the refrigerant gas, resulting in a more efficient operating system with substantial savings in energy costs. MaxR100™ also helps remove humidity from the air, up to 50% Advanced Science AllGard Surface Care LLC

3 MaxR100™ Features Restores “like-new” efficiency
Energy savings from 10% to 30% plus Protects mechanical parts Reduced downtime and maintenance Units run quieter Lowers humidity (latent heat) Extends equipment life Softens and conditions seals Environmentally friendly MaxR100™ re-conditions, restores and maintains efficiency in air-conditioners, chillers & refrigeration systems, resulting in the reduction of kWh consumption typically in the 10% - 30% range, often higher. AllGard Surface Care LLC

4 Protect Your Assets MaxR100™ uses an intermetallic compound technology to provide unique and superior protection of your HVAC/R equipment. There really is nothing like it on the market. AllGard Surface Care LLC

5 Oil Fouling = Loss of Efficiency
If your air-conditioning system is not performing well because of age and oil fouling, MaxR100™ will bring the system back to near new efficiency. MaxR100™ does not affect bearing, ring, or valve tolerances. MaxR100™ takes 10 to 14 days to see the best results. You will notice that the compressor will run quieter and vibration will be reduced within a few minutes. AllGard Surface Care LLC

6 Latent Heat (Humidity)
By reducing the moisture content in your building's air, you will provide operators with a climate free of moisture-borne allergens, mold and mildew. The results are safer, healthier air, energy savings, less maintenance and improved comfort. The use of MaxR100™ will reduce the air humidity by up to 50%. AllGard Surface Care LLC

7 MaxR100™ = Acid Protection
MaxR100™ Warranty Issue Does MaxR100™ Void Manufacturers Warranties? No. Almost all manufacturer warranties are good for one year. But on top of that, a manufacturer has set limits and specifications that the recommended oil needs to meet. MaxR100™ not only meets but exceeds these specifications as shown on our "Spec Sheet". MaxR100™ = Acid Protection Does MaxR100™ Cause Acid Formation? No. Typically acids form when moisture is introduced into the HVAC system. The air that we breathe has enough moisture to create acids if it is introduced. One benefit of the application of MaxR100™ is that our anti-oxidants provide 3 times the oxidation and corrosion protection than untreated oil. AllGard Surface Care LLC

8 MaxR100™ Applications MaxR100™ can be used in the following applications; Air conditioning units Heat pumps Refrigeration units Coolers Chillers Reefer trucks Refrigeration containers Automotive A/C units Truck & RV A/C units AllGard Surface Care LLC

9 MaxR100™ Markets MaxR100™ can be used in the following markets;
School systems Offices & factories Nursing homes Food & beverage processing Breweries Hospitals Hotels/motels Recreation facilities Automotive dealerships Residences AllGard Surface Care LLC

10 MaxR100™ Usage by Market As the following chart details, the highest energy cost for most business units is HVAC/R. MaxR100™ can cut air conditioning costs by up to 40% and overall energy use by up to 15% or more. AllGard Surface Care LLC

11 Thank you for your interest in MaxR100™
Thank you for your interest in MaxR100™. For more information, please contact your local distributor or contact us at AllGard Surface Care LLC

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