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MAXX Matte Phazer® Durable Floor Finish

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1 MAXX Matte Phazer® Durable Floor Finish
Photo size is: May 2012

2 MAXX Matte Phazer® Durable Floor Finish Now Available in Ecolab Core Line: 6100127 (2/1 gal)
WIIFM: MAXX Matte delivers all benefits of MAXX Durable with a lower gloss Allows you to maintain a satin look while still protecting the floor Three coats required at install (consistent with other matte products) Unlike other matte finishes, gloss level stays consistent over time and after multiple burnish cycles Finally, a matte finish you can apply using the Phazer® system! Key product attributes and benefits FAQs

3 Early Product Demo Ends with a Sale Florida Hospital Goes With MAXX Matte
MAXX Matte delivers the natural look this customer was after What are your customers looking for in a floor finish? Customer was looking for a lower gloss finish to keep the natural look of their cherry laminate floor

4 Benefits of MAXX Matte Phazer® Durable
4 Benefits of MAXX Matte Phazer® Durable Gloss Levels Satin appearance conveys a clean look on newer substrates Three coats required at install Lower gloss look remains even after multiple burnish cycles Durability lowers maintenance and total investment MAXX Durable MAXX Matte

5 5 MAXX Matte Benefit: Burnish Response Maintain a Consistent Looking Floor Customers burnish their floors to maintain appearance and remove light scratches and black marks Conventional matte products will increase gloss significantly after burnishing One burnish puts the gloss at “high gloss” finish levels MAXX Matte maintains matte appearance even after multiple burnishes MAXX Matte gloss after 5 burnishes < 1 burnish of conventional matte finish MAXX Matte Competitive Matte A Competitive Matte B Competitive Matte C

6 vs. conventional and ultra durable floor finishes
MAXX Matte Phazer® Durable Floor Finish Kit Easy Care  Durable Finish  Lower Total Costs Durable Formula – reduce burnishing frequency and extend stripping and recoat cycles Hand Sanitizer Resistant – Unlike conventional finishes, floors coated with MAXX Durable withstand exposure without dulling or stains Easy Application – cut application time and eliminate product waste using the Phazer® Mobile Floor Care System. Three coats required at install. Clean Look – stands up to heavy traffic and is repairable and strippable Fast Dry Time – avoid costly disruptions by reducing your downtime Low-Odor – enables you to utilize in sensitive areas with minimal disturbance Zinc-free and Styrene-free formula – reduced environmental and human impact MAXX Durable Program LOWERS COSTS BY UP TO 50% vs. conventional and ultra durable floor finishes /1 gal kit

7 MAXX Matte Phazer® Durable (6100127)
What is MAXX Matte Phazer® Durable? A new two part, polyurethane floor finish that delivers all of the benefits and durability of MAXX Durable with a lower gloss level Should I use MAXX finish on luxury vinyl and/or laminate flooring? MAXX finish is appropriate for all floors that can stand up to aggressive stripping of MAXX Floor Finish Remover. Therefore, MAXX is not appropriate for sensitive floors like linoleum, luxury vinyl, marble, or most rubber floors unless the customer’s current restorative procedures are by non-chemical means (i.e. Boost method or SPP). Who is the target customer for this new solution? Customers with newer flooring substrates that require lower gloss Any accounts looking for a satin gloss, low maintenance program Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care units within acute and LTC accounts How many coats are recommended at the initial install? Three coats are recommended at install. Additional coats will cause “zebra stripes”. How does MAXX Matte respond to burnishing? Unlike other matte finishes, MAXX Matte retains its satin appearance after multiple burnishings

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