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Promote Your Post Sale Annuity with Whittaker SmartCare®

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1 Promote Your Post Sale Annuity with Whittaker SmartCare®

2 Should Why You Should Care after the Sale It costs Less to KEEP a customer than SELL a new one When Powerbond doesn’t look good you are in line for the blame Protection from competition – other mills, VCT and other types of hard surfaces Claim resolution Nearly 75% of claims and dissatisfaction are due to maintenance – Improper maintenance – Inadequate frequency Mistaken belief that soft surface costs more and is more difficult to maintain than hard surface over its life Mistaken belief that soft surface costs more and is more difficult to maintain than hard surface over its life




6 Added value Extend Powerbond’s Appearance Life With SmartCare ® Maintenance Based on actual case studies Do Nothing Vacuum only Traditional Maintenance Added value Avoid Premature Replacement

7 Most Familiar Cleaning Methods WET - Hot Water Extraction (HWE) - Low productivity, environmental concerns & high disruption. Needs to be reduced to a periodic frequency. DRY - Dry Compound - High product cost, medium speed productivity, & difficult removal LOW MOISTURE - Bonnet /Rotary - Low productivity and mill disapproval - Voids most mill’s warranties, including yours

8 4 Cornerstones of Comprehensive Maintenance Preventative Maintenance Daily Maintenance Interim Maintenance Restorative Maintenance SystemApproach Appearance Cleaning & Pile Lifting Deep Wet ExtractionSpotting & Vacuuming Exterior cleanliness Walk-off Mats

9 Spotting Carpet Roamer® And Crystal® Spotter Remove 90%+ of spots Daily makes Interim Cleaning Easy

10 LOMAC® Process Low-Moisture 1 gallon per 1,000 sq. ft. Dries in 30 minutes No wick-backs, odor or VOCs Agitation Twin-cylindrical brushes operate almost effortlessly Variety of brushes for variety of constructions Crystallization Soil encapsulant Chemical dries 100% crystalline Negative re-soiling propensity No sticky residues

11 ∆L is a measurement of the change in Whiteness What if we could measure the change in color too?

12 Raising the Bar New Soiled Measuring shift in Color Space (∆E). Accounting for ∆L ∆a ∆b Using: ∆E*ab= √(∆L+ ∆ a+ ∆b)

13 Color Changes as a Result of Soiling tois

14 Visible Levels of Soiling 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.5 10.0 10.5 11.0 11.5 12.0 ∆E*ab in terms of visible levels of soiling

15 Using SmartCare ® promotes Post-Sale Customer Retention Approved technology Safety for the user and building occupants Environmentally-preferred chemistry for sustainability Consistently high appearance Reasonable cost We help exceed your customer’s expectations with-

16 Safe for your customers, your product & our environment Third-party certifications LEED-EB credits Tandus approved equipment and chemistries Identified as “Best in Class” by John Garger, Tandus Product Care Manager

17 Value Added Benefits of SmartCare ® You gain Post Sales Support from Experts – Frees up your time Our Direct Customer Interaction helps Customer Retention A Comprehensive Line of Maintenance Products Blue Ribbon Customer Service and Repair - Including on-location repairs Inventory of ALL products and parts DVD’s available for all repairs 24/7 Internet Store

18 Executive Summary Proven Cost Savings & Environmental Stewardship Labor saving by as much as 400% High Appearance for a longer time--25-30% means Longer Life – up to 2X customer expectation Safety – No VOCs, GreenSeal™ Certified, Easy to use LEED – Compliant, saves Resources Reduces electrical & water usage by over 75% Virtually eliminates waste water disposal and HVAC loading

19 Cost Savings & Environmental Stewardship -Return On Investment-Return On Investment- Using Customer inputs – Square Feet to Clean – Frequencies – Labor costs – Productivity

20 ROI Summary Sample Detailed analysis that generated this summary is available on-line or email for a copyon-line SmartCare ® Savings Summary Hot Water Extraction vs. SmartCare ® Dry Compound vs. SmartCare ® SmartCare ® Savings

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