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Introduction to Human Development

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1 Introduction to Human Development

2 The Major Concerns of Science
Human Development Opposing processes of being becoming someone different While remaining in some respects that same person over an extended period of time

3 continue Continuity and Change in Development
Nature has no fixed entities, only transitions and transformations Change – biological, psychological, and emotional-social Life-span and human development Long-term sequence and patterns of change Life is also continuity Same gender, biological, gender-roles, thought process gives us identity and stability

4 The Study of Human Development
Orderly and sequential change that occur with the passage of time as an organism moves from conception to death Human development Becoming something different while remaining the same Developmental Psychology Individual change with time while remaining in some respects the same

5 The Goal of Developmental Psychologist
1. To describe changes that typically occur across the lifespan 2. To explain these changes, to specify the determinants of developmental change 3. To predict developmental changes 4. To be able to use their knowledge to intervene in the course of events in order to control them

6 Framework for Studying Development
Divided into categories by clustering components 1. The Major Domain of development 2. The Process of Development 3. The Context of Development 4. The Timing of Development

7 The Major Domains of Development
Cognitive Development – change in mental activity Emotional-Social Development – changes in individual's personality, emotions, and relationships Physical Development – changes in the body

8 The Process of Development
Growth Metabolic process with in us – increase in size, increase in cells Learning Preprogramming of pattern of behaviors Maturation Permanent modification in behavior that results from the individual’s experience in the environment

9 The Context of Development
Ecological approach (definition) 4 levels Microsystem – network of social relationships and physical setting Mesosystem – interrelationship among the various settings in which the developing person lives Exosystem – external environment Macrosystem – cultural patterns of a society that are expressed in family, education, economic, political, and religious system Look at samples

10 The Timing of Developmental Events
Normative – age graded influences Normative history – graded influences historical factors that occurred Nonnormative life events – turning points at which people change some direction in their lives Generational activity

11 Partitioning the Life Span: Cultural and Historical Perspectives
Divided into age strata Reflect social definition Vary by culture Historical period Age is master status Changes in roles accompanied by age Social responsibility Behavioral expectations from society for age strata are social norms

12 United States Life-Span Development
Prenatal development Infancy Childhood Adolescence Adulthood Emerging adult (new one just being added) Early Adult Middle Adult Late Adult Old age Young-old age (newly divided) Old-old age

13 Theories of Development
Humanistic Theory Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Lawrence Kohlberg Stages of Moral Reasoning Cognitive Theories Jean Piaget Cognitive stages Albert Bandura Cognitive Learning Sociocultural Theory Lev Vygotsky Sociocultural theory Psychoanalytic Theories Sigmund Freud Psychosexual Theory Structure of Personality Erik Erikson Psychosocial Theory Behavioral Theories Ivan Pavlov Classical Conditioning Operant Conditioning B.F. Skinner

14 Assignment Choose 1 theorists to research and present
Prepare a presentation about the theorist and theory Prepare a graphic organizer or outline describing the theory Include vocabulary (see me for words associated with theorist) Be ready to present on time. If you have questions, ask. Don’t wait.

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