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The Russian Revolution How do the Bolsheviks (Communists) come to power in Russia?

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1 The Russian Revolution How do the Bolsheviks (Communists) come to power in Russia?

2 A BREWING REVOLUTION Russia was still a feudal society ruled by the Romanov Family Peasants continually protested, most Czars did little to help In 1894, Nicholas II becomes the Czar Nicholas is a weak leader, continues autocracy, tries to rule strictly like his father He tries to increase industrialization by using foreign investors & raising taxes Industrialization creates problems like low pay & poor working conditions – strikes begin Only focus on heavy industry in Russia – still behind rest of Europe Next, Nicholas is embarrassed when he loses to Japan in the Russo-Japanese War Major protests begin against the Czar in 1905

3 Protestors try to deliver a petition to Nicholas II asking for a constitutional monarchy & other reforms The protestors are met by the Czar’s Army & Police force Army opens fire on the crowd (Bloody Sunday, 1905) Nicholas is forced to create the Russian Duma (Parliament) His reforms fail and he dissolves the Duma 10 weeks later In 1914, Russia becomes involved in World War I Millions (mostly peasants) are killed in the war 1915: Nicholas then heads to Eastern front to take personal command of troops

4 Czarina is running Russia & is getting all of her advice from Rasputin The country is in even worse shape. Everyone hates Rasputin & the Romanov family! – Czar’s cousin Yusopov will try to kill Rasputin The mysterious Rasputin (a healer for her son) gives her poor advice Czarina AlexandraGrigori Rasputin Ladies man! Alexei Romanov

5 Rasputin: Mad Monk Questions 1.What was the first assassination attempt on Rasputin after being lured into Yusopovs’s palace? 2.What was the next assassination attempt on Rasputin? Did that kill him? 3.How did Rasputin finally die? 4. What was Rasputin’s final prediction? Did it come true?

6 1917 March Revolution Russian people fed up with shortages – strikes begin in Petrograd & a bread riot in St. Petersburg Nicholas II is forced to step down from power (abdicate) A provisional government led by Alexander Kerensky takes control Despite originally protesting the war, Kerensky’s government decides to keep Russia fighting in WWI We must honor our agreements! Most Russians are upset by this choice - economy/shortages worsen Communists demand change & begin forming soviets (local councils) The soviets are made up of peasants, workers and soldiers – soviets begin gaining control/influence in Russia Down with the Autocracy ! Down with the War!!

7 The Bolshevik (October) Revolution Lenin signs a treaty with Germany ending WWI for Russia Enemies of the Bolsheviks form the White Army White Army is made up of pro-Czar, pro-Provisional Government factions and Mensheviks Bolsheviks form the Red Army. 1918: Civil war breaks out between the Whites & the Reds Leon Trotsky commands the Red Army. Some nations, including the US aid the White Army 1920: Red Army wins and Lenin maintains control In October, Communists call for the overthrow of the Provisional Govt. Mensheviks led by Martov favor a less violent overthrow - moderate Bolsheviks led by Lenin & Trotsky favor a violent overthrow - radical Bolsheviks storm the Winter Palace and take control of the government Vladimir Lenin Speaks Power to the Soviets! Peace, Land & Bread!

8 Voices from the Past: Mystery of Anastasia Warmup 25-3 What was life like for the Romanov family? Who did Anna Anderson claim to be? Why did some people believe Anna Anderson? How was the mystery finally solved?

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