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The Russian Revolution 1917. Causes of the Russian Revolution.

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1 The Russian Revolution 1917

2 Causes of the Russian Revolution

3 Czar Alexander III Imposed strict censorship Secret police Establish uniform Russian culture- oppress other national groups in Russia –Pogroms, organized violence against Jews

4 Czar Nicholas II Czar Nicholas II was unable or unwilling to deal with Russia’s problems. The Russian people wanted to end absolute rule.

5 Economic Aspects The peasants wanted the noble’s fertile lands. Factories proved unable to satisfy military and civilian needs. Severe food shortages.

6 Social Aspects There was widespread discontent in all classes of Russian society.

7 Bloody Sunday January 22,1905 200,000 workers marches on the Winter Palace Wanted more freedoms and better working conditions Nicholas II’s generals fired on crowd

8 Bloody Sunday Provoked wave of strikes October 1905 creation of Duma, Russia’s first parliament Meets May 1906, dissolved 10 weeks later

9 Military Causes Humiliating defeat by Japan in 1905. WWI - The Russian armies met with a series military defeats. 5,000,000 Russian soldiers were killed in the war.

10 Gregory Rasputin While the Czar was at the front many Russians feared his influence on Alexandra.

11 Revolutionary Parties Social revolutionaries Mensheviks Bolsheviks Challenged the Czar and promoted reform.

12 The outbreak of Revolution In February 1917 bread riots break out in Petrograd. Factory workers went on strike. The soldiers sent to break the strikes and riots sided with the people.

13 The Kerensky Government March-November 1917 Czar Nicholas II abdicates in 1917. A Provisional Government under Alexander Kerensky is set up by the February Revolution.

14 Failure of the Provisional Government The Provisional Government failed because: It continued the war It could not feed the cities. It did not approve land seizures.

15 The Petrograd Soviet The Petrograd Soviet became a rival to the Kerensky Government, taking on such tasks as regulating food supply and organizing a workers militia.

16 The Bolshevik Revolution November 1917

17 Vladimir Lenin 1870-1924 Founded the Bolshevik Party. Lenin was a Marxist Ideologist. Lenin was exiled for many years, but returned in April 1917 and led a revolt against the Kerensky Government

18 Leon Trotsky 1879-1924 Trotsky played a leading role in the October Revolution. In 1918 he organized the Red Army and led it to victory during the civil war against the White forces.

19 Bread, Land, Peace Lenin and the Bolsheviks promised the people what they wanted most: Food for the cities. End Russia’s involvement in WWI Land for the peasants.

20 The Bolshevik Revolution November 6, 1918 On the night of November 6, 1918 Lenin and the Bolsheviks strike. The Bolsheviks seize control of the government in Petrograd.

21 The Bolshevik Revolution On November 7, 1918 the Petrograd Soviet voted to support Lenin’s overthrow of the Provisional Government. Fighting continued for a week.

22 Civil War 1918-1921 Reds VS Whites (Bolsheviks) Lenin Kerensky Trotsky VS Anti - Stalin Bolsheviks

23 Czar Nicholas II When the Bolsheviks came to power the imperial family was sent to the Ural Mountains. The Czar and his family were executed on July 16, 1918 in the town of Ekaterinburg.

24 Results of the Civil War The Red Army under the leadership of Leon Trotsky defeated the White forces.

25 Results of the Bolshevik Revolution Formation of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922 under the control of Lenin,Trotsky,and Stalin. Formation of a communist government (classless society) based on the ideas of Karl Marx. The idea of a continued revolution to spread the ideas of Communism.

26 Lenin Restores Order New Economic Policy (NEP) –Peasants can sell surplus, private small businesses, encouraged foreign investment Communist Party held all the power Lenin suffers stroke in 1922 –Josef Stalin “man of steel” vying to control communist party

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