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Nicholas II and Vladimir Lenin The Russian Revolution.

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1 Nicholas II and Vladimir Lenin The Russian Revolution

2 QUESTIONS. 5. In what sort of society do we normally see communism emerge? 4. Who is the father of communism? 3. Who owns the means of production in communist and capitalist societies? 2. How does communism differ from capitalism? 1. What does communism preach?

3 The Rule of Nicholas II Five Events of the Communist Revolution 1. Revolution of 1905 2. Russian involvement in World War I 3. March Revolution of 1917 4. October Revolution of 1917 5. Russian Civil War of 1921

4 The Revolution of 1905 What caused it? 1. The Russo-Japanese War 2. Unhappiness with society and politics 3. Bloody Sunday 1. The Russo-Japanese War (1904 to 1905) Both had been competing for territory in Eastern Asia Russia promised to withdraw troops from Manchuria in 1903, but balked First defeat of a modern European power by a non-European power

5 The Revolution of 1905 2. Unhappiness with Society and Politics Three social classes existed: peasants, nobles, and the Romanovs Workers desired labor unions due to poor working conditions with unfair treatment of workers 3. Bloody Sunday Peaceful demonstrations organized to protest problems in Russia In 1905 strikes broke out across Russia. Georgy Gapon, a priest, led a peaceful protest in St. Petersburg hoping to reach Nicholas II at the Winter Palace. Nicholas II knew Gapon was holding this protest

6 Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia

7 Bloody Sunday Georgy Gapon More than one hundred killed Hundreds wounded

8 The Revolution of 1905 Aftermath of Bloody Sunday? Nicholas II passed the October Manifesto in response to riots and mutiny: The October Manifesto promised a constitution and an elected legislature (Duma) Was the revolution in 1905 successful? Yes and no.

9 Russian Involvement in World War I If Nicholas II is on the war front… who is running the country? Tsarina Alexandra Rasputin

10 March Revolution of 1917 By the winter of 1916-17: “conditions in Russia were desperate. Food and fuel were in short supply... Most of the best soldiers had long since died and the ranks of the army were filled with unwilling men gathered up by the draft.” Nicholas II would soon respond: “It is possible that for 22 years I have tried to act for the best, and that for 22 years I have been wrong?” Bread riots forced Nicholas II to abdicate in 1917. The Provisional Government would take control. Alexander Kerensky

11 QUESTION. Didn’t end Russian involvement in WWI. What did the Duma and Provisional Government do wrong?

12 October Revolution of 1917 Russia needed to end its involvement in World War I and provide land reforms… On October 24 th, 1917: The Bolsheviks overthrew the Provisional Government Vladimir LeninLeon Trotsky

13 QUESTION. What did Lenin promise the people of Russa?

14 October Revolution of 1917 “The people need peace, the people need bread… We must fight for the social revolution, fight to the end, till the complete victory of the proletariat. Long live the world social revolution!” – Vladimir Lenin Peace: Signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk Land: Land reforms for all peasants Bread: Collectivization of resources for public good

15 QUESTION. Would Western nations approve of the communist revolution?

16 The Russian Civil War 1918 to 1920 Red Army v. White Army Estimated 15 million Russians dead. The Romanovs

17 QUESTION. Why did Russians dislike Tsar Nicholas II and his wife?

18 The Faberge Egg Project

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