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Persuasive Techniques Propaganda and Advertising.

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1 Persuasive Techniques Propaganda and Advertising

2 What is propaganda? A means of convincing people: to buy a certain product to believe something or act in a certain way to agree with a point of view

3 Common persuasive techniques often used in advertising Bandwagon Glittering Generalities/Card Stacking Testimonials Name Calling Plain Folk/Prestige/Snobbery Appeal to Emotions

4 Bandwagon A statement suggesting that everyone is using a specific product, so you should, too! Join the “in crowd.”

5 The bandwagon effect created these fine Internet sensations…..

6 Examples of Bandwagon iPhone mwSQQ

7 Bandwagon Example

8 Glittering Generalities & Card Stacking Glittering Generalities & Card Stacking are similar. They tell only part of the truth. The words “glitter,” or sound good, but give no details about the product.

9 Glittering Generalities & Card Stacking

10 Who doesn’t believe in America? The other candidate doesn’t have a plan?

11 Testimonials YwzUU Testimonials use celebrities or authority figures to sell products or services.

12 Testimonials

13 Name Calling Name calling creates a negative attitude towards a product or service. It uses hints, implications, and slanted language to make you feel ill will towards something or someone. This technique is often used in political campaigns.

14 Name Calling Example

15 Name calling can be implied through an unflattering image.

16 Using Plain Folks Plain folks uses a person who may be just like you to sell a product or service: TSQa4k

17 Plain Folks This persuasive device is often favored by politicians! What does this photo tell you about this politician?

18 Plain Folks Example Lnn7M The Smuckers are wholesome farm folks! You can trust them.

19 Prestige/Snobbery Yiwh0 I want that lifestyle! MAfAE MAfAE Feel like a hip-hop mogul!

20 Snob Appeal This message suggests the opposite of Bandwagon: “Buying our product will make you better than everyone else, especially since other people can't afford it.” I’m not ready? Oh yes, I am!

21 Appeal to Emotion This strategy connects viewers with deep-seated emotions: loyalty, family, pity, fear, love, peace, justice, and/or love of country. E6JP8 E6JP8 Coke Ad

22 What technique?







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