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2 Agenda SalesLink TOUCH Highlights Logistics & Technical Info Product Overview Contact Canam Solutions Inc.

3 2 Highlights & Cool Features Mobile companion to SalesLink Sales Rep Provides real time access to customer info & dealer inventory Easy-to-navigate with many “quick actions”…just one or two ‘touches’ required! GPS ‘Around Me’ feature – shows customers nearby on a map view or as a list Initiate a call or email from the app and TOUCH provides a prompt to log as an activity Say Cheese…capture images of customer contacts or equipment Quick Search function finds both customers and contacts easily

4 4 Logistics & Technical Information Minimum Requirement – SalesLink v4.5 Mobile APIs can be installed on dealers’ current SalesLink servers (IIS) if it is accessible to the Internet or on new web server Uses same database server as SalesLink Available on Apple iOS, Android & Windows Phone and Windows Store (Windows 8) Two versions: Phone & Tablet Download and install the application from Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Windows app store Utilizes dealer Mobile Device Management (MDM) No dealer data stored on the user’s device Provide network (Windows) log in & password just once Customized with dealer logo

5 7 Dashboard- Phone View Initial view when the app opens: Around Me – Shows customers within 10 miles (configurable) of current location Today - The day’s outstanding activities Leads – Leads to follow up on Opportunities – Current open opportunities Issues – Current outstanding issues for my customers (for dealers with CIM module) Activities – Calendar of all outstanding activities) Counts displayed on all badges are updated each time the Dashboard is accessed

6 8 Around Me Visually displays all customers within 10 miles (configured) of current location Displayed on a map or as a list Get directions from current location or a custom location to a customer’s location Displayed as a map or with step-by-step written directions read by the device

7 9 Dashboard – Tablet View Easy-to-read dashboard with three key categories of info – Week Ahead Activities; My Leads, Opportunities, Outstanding Issues; & Customers Around Me Week Ahead Activities Customers Around Me (within 10 miles, configurable) My Current Leads and Opportunities, Outstanding Issues and Missed Activities

8 10 Global Menu The Global Menu is available from every view in the app by sliding the current view to the right from the top left corner

9 1 Activities List All Outstanding Activities are visible and editable through the app Activities are color-coded to indicate current and overdue The list can be filtered to display the data in the most effective order for each rep, including by Date Range

10 12 Managing Customers Customers Menu Add New Prospect Add New Customer (ERP Account) See a List of My Customers See a List of Customers Not Contacted in 6 Months See a List of Customers Never Visited My Customers List Quick action options are available at a swipe to log an Activity, make a call, or send an Email Filtering allows the user to search customers ‘ Not Contacted Since’ any date entered

11 1313 Customer Views Easy navigation between customer views (sliding to either side) Customer Info (addresses, etc…) Contacts Revenue (last 3 years by category, with quarterly charts) A/R (shown aged and by category) Equipment (machines and attachments) Activities Issues (if dealer has CIM module) Leads Opportunities

12 1414 View Contacts Contact Menu Add New Contact List all of My Contacts Contacts List Click on the phone number to initiate a call. After the call is finished, the app will suggest to log it as an Activity Send an email to a Contact. After the email is sent, the app will suggest to log it as an Activity Log Current Activity or Schedule Future Activity

13 1515 View Activities Activities Menu Add New Activity View my Activities See Activities for Today See Activities for This Week Adding Activities Schedule an Activity for a future date Report a Completed Activity

14 16 Leads & Opportunities Leads & Opportunities Menu Create a New Lead Create a New Opportunity View Outstanding Leads View Outstanding Opportunities Lead Workflow Create a Lead & assign it to someone within the organization Option: Set the lead as Urgent

15 17 Issues Management* Issues Management Menu Create a New Issue View Issues Created for Your Customers View Issues Assigned to You View Open Issues New Issues Workflow After creating and saving a new Issue, the Issue will be visible in SalesLink for others to see * - Only visible for dealers with Customer Issue Management Module

16 18 My Open Issues My Open Issues Menu View Open Issues in scrollable list Search through all Issues with search bar View Issues assigned to you View Open Issues Filter Issues by various types, including Date Range Open Issues View Once an Issue is created, you will always have visibility to the Status of the issue

17 19 Inventory Search Inventory Search Menu Search dealer Machine Inventory Search dealer Attachment Inventory Machine Inventory View Machine Configuration Add or view Photos of inventoried products View Warranty Details View Service Letters

18 Thank you! For more info: Name : Kari Cannaday Email:

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