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Blackberry Curve 2 User Training Take Life with you!

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1 Blackberry Curve 2 User Training Take Life with you!

2 Agenda BlackBerry Curve 2 Smartphone Features –Hardware Overview Using Your BlackBerry Smartphone –Contacts, Phone, Email Messages, Calendar, Spell Check, Convenience Key, Personalizing Your Device, Shortcut, Media, Browser and Tethering Most importantly: answer your questions!

3 Speed, Power, Elegance 3G Speed –Experience better performance while browsing, streaming and downloading attachments and music or tethering a laptop. Stand-Alone GPS and Assisted GPS (A-GPS) –VZ Navigator capable (A-GPS) and autonomous GPS support for BlackBerry Maps, Google Maps, etc. Wireless Network –WiFi built In

4 Navigation: Key Buttons & The Track pad Easy-to-Use User Interface Track pad: Allows you to move both vertically and horizontally Allows you to select icons or menu options by pushing the track pad in Menu key: Allows you to access a menu on any screen being viewed Escape key: Allows you to return to the previously viewed screen

5 Navigation: Home Screen & Options Icon Options- Curve & 8830 Options- Tour Home Screen

6 Adding Contacts Adding Contacts to the Address Book: Push the Menu key Scroll and select the Contacts icon Push the Menu key and select New Address Enter the contact information into the appropriate fields Select Save

7 Placing a Phone Call 3 Different Ways of Placing a Phone Call: Press the Send Key and Dial From the Home Screen, Begin Typing the Contacts Name or # –To dial a number that contains letters (BlackBerry Vanity Dialing) Press and hold the Alt key (i.e. 1-800-FLOWERS) –To access the Speakerphone Press the Currency $/Speakerphone Key Press the Convenience Key (Left Side of your Device) to Launch Voice-Activated Dialing 1.You will hear the prompt say a command 2.Reply with call 1.*Note: Your contacts name or number must be pre-programmed into the Smartphone for this option to work. 3.The Smartphone will reply with calling 4.Confirm this is the correct contact and they will be called

8 Sending an Email Message Send an Email Message: 1.From your Main Menu select the Messages icon 2.Click the track ball and select Compose Email 3.In the To field, perform one of the following actions: i.Type an email address ii.Type a contact name iii.Type part of a contact name. Select a contact 4.Type a message and select Send

9 Sending an SMS Text Message Send an SMS Text Message: 1.From your Main Menu select the SMS & MMS icon 2.Click the track ball and select Compose SMS Text 3.In the To field, perform one of the following actions: i.Type a mobile number ii.Type a contact name iii.Type part of a contact name. Select a contact 4.Type a message and select Send

10 Hide Sent Messages Hide Sent Messages (SMS or Email): 1.From the Home screen on Messages 3.Press Menu Key 4.Scroll to and select options 5.Scroll to and select General Options 6.Change Hide Sent Messages to Yes 7.Press Menu Key 8.Scroll to and select Save

11 To Add a Calendar Appointment: 1.On the Home screen, click Calendar Icon 2.Click the Trackball to Add a New Appointment 3.Type in the Appointment Information 4.Click the Trackball and Select Save Adding a Calendar Appointment

12 Spell Check Check Spelling menu item in Emails, Messages, & Memos –Allows you to check the spelling of your document Options to control what is spell checked You can set spell check to check all emails prior to being sent

13 Change Convenience Key Changing the Default Convenience Keys: –Press the Menu key –Scroll and select the Options Icon –Select Screen/Keyboard –Scroll down to Right/Left Side Convenience Key Options –Push on the trackball to scroll between applications and push to select the one you would like –Press the Escape Key and click Save

14 Shortcuts To Switch Applications: –Hold the Alt Key and press the Escape Key –Continue to hold the Alt Key and highlight an application –Release the Alt Key –OR PRESS the Menu key

15 Playing Media 1.Select the Media Icon 2.Select the type of media to be played –Music, Videos, Ring Tones, or Pictures 3.Select how you would like the media to play (i.e. shuffle) 4.Media Player will launch i.Adjust the volume, by using the keys on volume keys on the side ii.To return to the now playing screen from any application click the Menu key and select now playing

16 Personalized Features Change Your Home Screen Background –Press Menu key, Select Media Icon –Select Pictures, Select Preloaded Pictures –On the image, Press Menu key Select Set as Home Screen Image Create Folders (tidy-up your home screen) –Press Menu key, Select Add Folder –Place Applications within the folder: Scroll over the Application, press Menu key Scroll over to your folder, press down on the Trackball with

17 Personalized Features Add Applications –Go to Application Center folder Choose from Apps listed there (Vcast, Visual Voicemail, FaceBook, etc.) One option is BlackBerry App World –Press BlackBerry App World icon to pull up BB App World Site Choose from thousands of free and low-cost applications to boost your productivity, get information, or to keep you entertained with

18 Additional Customization Device Customization Hide Setup Wizard From the Home screen> click on Setup Wizard Icon>Select Menu Key>Hide Change time, date and time zone From the Home screen >click on Options Icon>Scroll to and select Date/Time>Change Time Zone to Eastern Time>Press Menu key>Scroll to and select Save Location On (for VZNav) From the Home screen >click on Options Icon>Scroll to and select Advanced Options > Scroll to and select GPS>Change GPS Services to Locations On >Press Menu Key>Scroll to and select Save

19 Browsing The Internet View a web page 1.From the Home screen, click your BlackBerry Browser or Internet Browser 2.Click the Menu key and select Go To... 3.Enter a URL and click the track ball Create a bookmark 1.On any web page, click the menu button and select Add Bookmark 2.Click Add

20 GPS with VZ Navigator $9.99/month (global feature is $19.99/month) Determine your geographic location Spoken turn-by-turn directions –Safer than printed maps and other GPS services Efficient Access To and Communication of Location Info, Directions, Local Points of Interest Savings –Savings vs. 411 Calls –Saves Time With Traffic Alerts –Saves Money With Gas Finder –No Up-Front Cost For Separate GPS Unit

21 GPS with BlackBerry Maps Free pre-loaded map & GPS application Stand-alone GPS: requires line of sight to sky Determine your geographic location Get directions from one location to another Savings –No up-front cost for separate GPS unit –No monthly recurring fees –No daily fees


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