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Google Account Basics: Getting Started with free Google applications.

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1 Google Account Basics: Getting Started with free Google applications.
The audience for this workshop is adults who have little or no experience with using . This workshop is designed as a lecture/demo with some lecture at the beginning and the rest of the class as demonstration. Participants should work independently, but follow along with the instructor. This is a basic introduction; however, customers should have attended the Computer Basics – Internet course or have a basic understanding of the Internet. The main focus is on web-based , not provided by an ISP. This workshop will take about 1 hour. Objectives: for participants to be able to: Understand how works and the parts of an address. Understand how to sign up for free web-based . Navigate around their inbox and understand the functions of sending, replying, composing, and deleting .

2 What is a Google Account?
A Google account provides access to Google owned services and applications including: Google Calendar Google Reader Google Documents iGoogle (customized Google homepage) Google Maps It can take days to send a letter across the country and weeks to go around the world. To save time and money, more and more people are using electronic mail. It's fast, easy and much cheaper than the using the post office. What is ? In its simplest form, is an electronic message sent from one person or one address to another. In order for to work, both the sender and the receiver need to have addresses (like using the telephone – you need to have a telephone with a valid number to make a call and you need to have a telephone with a valid number to receive a call). It is a type of communication that is somewhere between a phone conversation & a note.

3 Why create a Google account?
Very portable– You can access your Google Account from any computer with an internet connection Customizable service that fits your needs Free online storage for photos and documents Easy way to keep track of places you like to visit on the Internet Easy way to keep track of your schedule Read from slide. You can send or receive personal and business-related messages with attachments, such as pictures or documents. You can even send music and computer programs.

4 Google Account: Option 1
Setting Up Your Google Account: Option 1 Start at: Fill in all the registration details Type the letters of the CAPTCHA into the search box. NOTE: A CAPTCHA is designed to make sure you are a human, not a robot or a computer program Click the “I accept button” Finish off by logging into your , opening the called “Google Verification” and clicking on the link provided. ******** ******** CAPTCHA ansmastsew

5 Setting Up Your Google Account: Option 2 (G-Mail)
1. Go to: Signing up for an account with Gmail automatically gets you a Google Account. 2. Click Here... 3. Fill in these details

6 When you have sorted out the registration login here…
Start here: Type in your details here Click here to sign-in Clicking “Sign in” Brings you here… Select “Google Home”

7 iGoogle Homepage Change the look of your page here.
Clicking “more” allows you to access all the Google Programs Note: If you do not see what you want in the drop down menu click on “even more” to see all the programs Change the look of your page here. “add stuff” is where you can find new features such as news, games or weather to add to your page. The iGoogle Homepage is your very own customizable homepage

8 Google Calendar Free online day timer and planner where you can:
Create events Organize your schedule Share your schedule with friends and family Create “to do” lists

9 Navigating Your Google Calendar
To create a new calendar entry click “create event”. Event will show up here Task List will show up here To make a “to do list” and add tasks Make different color tab calendars for different types of events like “work” or “social”. To select which calendars or types of events show up on the page click on each title (the box will be highlighted with the event color as shown in the side bar) Have any friends or family using Google calendars? Send them a request to view their calendar

10 Google Documents Google Docs is a free, Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and form application offered by Google. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users Your documents are stored online so you can access them from any computer connected to the Internet.

11 Navigating the Google docs Main Page
To collaborate with another person click “Share”. (Remember: The person you share the document with must also have a Google Account) Once you create a document it will show up here. To see a document you already created click on the title. To start working on a new document or to open a template click here.

12 Google Templates Google docs provides users with several useful document templates including: Resumes Calendars Cover Letters Budgets Letters To save and edit a template click “Use this template.”

13 Google Docs Word Processor
To open the word processor click on create new from the main documents page and click on document. You will notice it looks a lot like Open Office or Microsoft Word and works in a similar way. To get started type here… To get help on how to use this program click “Help” and “Google Docs Help Center” Always remember to save your work before you close… To share this document with another user so they can work on it or view it click “share” and “invite people”

14 Google Reader Free, Web-based reader for RSS feeds. You can find feeds on nearly every Web site. RSS feeds offer a simplified view of Web page down to just text, pictures and videos Google reader takes RSS feeds from the sites you are interested in and lets you read web updates like you're browsing through .

15 Add a Website to Your Reader
To add a new site click here. Recommends other sites you may be interested in based on what you have added List of current subscriptions Above you can see all the updates that this person requested…

16 Google Maps Google Maps can help you:
find businesses, addresses and places of interest. Get directions from one place to another Look at Satellite aerial images and in some cases 360˚ street views You can find a location by typing in its name or address. Remember to include the city and country when you are searching for a location

17 Finding an Address on Google Maps
To search for an address type in the name of a business or landmark and click “Search Maps”

18 Google Maps: Search Results
To change the view of the map to aerial images click “Satellite”. To get directions from one location to another click here. To zoom in and see a more detailed map click on the “+”

19 Google Maps: Get Directions
To get directions type in your start and end point The route can also be seen on the map Note: The view on this map has been changed to “Satellite”

20 Other Google Features Google 411: Google's new 411 service is free, fast and easy to use. Find and connect with local businesses for free. ( goog-411) Google Numbers: Does calculations for several conversions. For example try typing these phrases into the search box: “32 miles into KM”, “30 Canadian Dollars into American Dollars”, “teaspoons in a cup”,

21 Security and Privacy Never share your password with anyone.
If you forget your password or have any other problems accessing your account click “Can’t access your account?” on the log-in page for help. For information on privacy and Google check out:

22 More Security Make sure you only enter your login information into Google's site… Your browser address bar should say ( or If you think your Google Account has been compromised (someone has learned your password), change the password. Only share your Google documents with people you know and trust

23 Signing out is important!
Always remember to sign out or log out of your account – especially on a public computer If you do not sign out, someone could view your personal information and account details After signing out, if there’s time left, start from scratch and have everyone sign in to their once again. (Good practice and helps them remember procedure.)

24 Using Google at EPL An EPL library card is required
You have 60 minutes of Internet access every day. Our staff can assist you with using Google Applications. However, if you have not yet learned how to use a mouse or a web browser, our ability to assist you will be limited, and we recommend you acquire these skills before learning to use Google Applications.

25 Thank you! Questions? Contact Edmonton Public Library:
Website: Phone: Thank you!

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