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National Insurance Agency Producer Training January 21, 2009.

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1 National Insurance Agency Producer Training January 21, 2009

2 Logging Into the System Visit to log into the system. Use the username and password issued to you for your account to log into the system. If you do not know your username and password contact NIA

3 Setting Up Your Agency Each producer must customize their agency inside the “My Info” tab. Each login has their own email account that NIA has authorized. AgencyIQ has created this email account and set it up before password’s are issued. For online lead subscribers: Call your lead provider’s and add the email address located at the top of this screen to your account. Make sure to request the leads in plain text. Once the leads come into your email account, the leads will insert directly into the system without the need for data entry.

4 Setting Up Your Agency: Locations of Items to customize Name and Email Address Email Signature Email Font and Time Zone

5 Setting Up Your Agency: Locations of Items to customize Reminder Notification Receive New Lead Assignment Notifications Customize password to system

6 Customize the following information inside your “My Info” tab: Name and contact information Customize your email signature Choose font type and size for default settings on email Select your time zone Enter the “reminder notification email” for a reminder to be sent to you for your time sensitive appointments as well as how far in advance you want to be reminded of your appointment. Choose the “receive new assignment notifications” option if you would like an email sent to your email letting you know you have a new lead in your system. Enter the email you would like to be notified at. Customize password to access your system if you choose.

7 Importing Leads: If you use online leads, the lead will first appear on your dashboard inside the home tab of your system. Make sure your leads are entering the system through the email in your “My Info” tab. Producers may also data enter prospects into the system in the “Leads” tab by clicking the “Add New Contact” button. Prospects can be entered into the system by importing a spreadsheet through the “Leads” tab then choosing the “import leads from CSV” option. The spreadsheet MUST BE IN CSV FORMAT. Browse your hard drive to upload the spreadsheet then map the correct column to the matching field inside the system. Access the prospect’s information on the “Home” tab. Inside the “Newly Assigned Leads” section top left corner of the screen. View the insurance specific information by choosing the line of business or the “health” link. Access each prospect’s contact information or the coversheet for this file by clicking on the prospect’s name. Data Enter New Leads Here Import Leads from Spreadsheet Here

8 Anatomy of a Prospect’s File Each file has a cover sheet that we call the “Edit Contact” This is the name, address, phone, email, lead provider and global contact information for the file. Next, a line of business must be created for each prospect. Remember that each prospect can be sold multiple lines of insurance, so agents have the option to insert as many lines of business as they choose. Inside the lob (line of business) the producers can enter all of the insurance specific information. Each file may have multiple lob’s. Contact Information Name Address Phone Email Global Information Email History Health LOB: Health Insurance Coverage Information Life LOB: Life Insurance Coverage Information A prospect’s name is always a direct link to the Contact Screen The LOB is always a direct link into that line of business

9 The Edit Contact Screen: Access this screen by choosing the prospect’s name anywhere in the system. The name, address, phone, email and lead source is located in the contact information. The blue navigation box gives access to all lines of business for the file. The global contact information displays the email history, notes and reminders for this file. Please remember to make notes and set reminders inside the lob, not inside the contact screen. Blue Navigation Box Contact Information Global Contact History

10 Anatomy of the LOB: Line of business Lead Nickname and Lead Status Blue Navigation Box Desired Coverage Information Health Member Info Notes and Reminders Remember to access the LOB through the word for the lob anywhere in the system

11 Choosing the line of business will allow the producer to: View the contact information for your prospect in the blue navigation box in the top right hand corner of the screen. Agents can also use this blue navigation box to set reminders, make notes, send emails to the prospect and get mapping information for the prospect’s location. Use this blue navigation box to add additional lines of business to this prospects file by choosing the new line of business then the “add line” button. View all insurance specific information in the Personal Information section of the screen and the current coverage info in the Current/Shopping For section. Add members to the file in the “health members” section located below the coverage information. The “health members” screens house all of the underwriting questions for each insured. Each screen houses the option to set reminders, make notes, attach documents (to a note), and view all changes to the file at the bottom of each screen. At the top of the Health Insurance Screen the agent may customize the title of the screen in the “Lead Nickname” field. Choose the status for the lead in the top left corner of the screen to indicate which stage of the selling process this prospect is in.

12 From the beginning….

13 1. Newly Assigned Lead: As soon as you log into the system, you will see all new leads displayed in the Newly Assigned Leads section. Choose the lob for that prospect 2. Choose the LOB : Accessing the lob allows the producer to view all of the Insurance information for the file. Make all notes, reminders, send emails, and add coverage Information inside this screen (see the anatomy of the lob training) Schedule emails to be delivered at a later time in the Schedule Email Function. Utilize the email templates to save time in typing emails. Attach documents at the bottom of the emails to attach quotes or information. Use a mail template Schedule Email Attach documents to emails

14 Update the Status of Each Lead The Lead Status is located inside the lob in the top left corner of the screen below the Lead Nickname. Update the status of each lead inside the lob. New Lead: Trying to make contact with the prospect. Active Lead: In active conversations with the prospect Inactive Lead: Not actively selling, but want to revisit in the future New Policy: The first 60-90 days when a policy is sold but in underwriting Active Policy: The policy is sold and issued. Insert policy information to move the policy to active. Inactive Policy: The policy has cancelled but you want to remarket to this prospect Cancelled: This is not a good market for your agency and you do not want to contact this prospect again. Lead Status

15 Using the Agent Dashboard View new emails View all reminders Use the dashboard to View : All Newly Assigned Leads All New Email that are sent to your gmail account. All reminders assigned to you. Search for prospects at the top of the screen by name, email address or phone number. Search

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