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Visit our website: CommTrak.

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1 Visit our website: CommTrak

2 What is CommTrak? A complete CRM solution covering all aspects of your business (except accounting). CommTrak is designed to improve efficiency and provide customer job scheduling and data tracking information for the telecommunications industry.

3 Key Benefits Web based - available from anywhere in the world Safe and secure customer database Monitor and track customer’s warranty, maintenance and service provider agreements Enable sales staff to monitor customer needs Administrative reports to improve efficiency Record and view complete history of customer interactions Quickly schedule activities and jobs Detailed job scheduling Improve technician efficiency

4 Key Benefits Manage inbound calls and view customised reports Send message to staff via email and SMS View and prints reports - Productivity - Mobile phone contracts - Call tracking - Job reports - Inventory - Variety of customer reports Elevated privileges for supervisor Staff maintenance Manage appointments, share calendar, reminder tasks, sales leads, inventory management, document management, organise customers into groups and out of office notification

5 Getting started: User login User privileges determined on username/password upon login. A supervisor handles set up and allocation of users and passwords. Login screen can be customised to suit your company’s identity (logos, etc).

6 Main Screen Search by - telephone number, business name, address, job, ID, Telco Ref, Order number, mobile number or KSU. Leads - shows active sales leads. New customer - add new customer. Reports - customer, job, productivity, call tracking and mobile. Calendar/tasks - appointments, reminders and tasks. Call tracking - launches the call tracking module if implemented. Inventory - keeps track of stock. Settings - changeable options based on user type logged in. Log out - log out if you need to log in as another user. History - lists historically the last 15 customers accessed.

7 Set up a new customer Some of the information that can be stored is: Customer KSU details for easy searching in reports. Any contacts entered in with the customer including their expiry dates (warranty, rental, etc) Periodic contact interval can be set to remind your staff to touch base with customer every few weeks/months etc. If you wish to communicate with this customer via email, enter it here. Allocate sales reps to customers. Any special comments provided will be printed in red on the top of the screen for any user that open this customer in the future.

8 Search existing customer Search options - phone, company name, address, job ID, mobile number or KSU. Hint: Enter only partial info or use wildcards if not sure of the full details. Choose customer by clicking on button. First screen provides main company details. Click on “more info” button to enter additional information. Left side now also provides customer related options: New job - create a new job for this customer. Show jobs - show all jobs for customer, edit or close jobs. Contacts Notes - customer’s notes/email history. Set callbacks reminders. Equipment Documents Mobiles - details of customer’s mobile phones, plans and expiry dates.

9 Search existing customer “More info” screen allows you to maintain the following information about the customer: Business type Service provider Phone number ABN Other business name Customer Groups Contacts in the company etc

10 Jobs - create a new job From customer screen, click on “New Job” on the left. Fields with an asterisk * must be completed. This screen contains customer configuration details that can aid in creating the job. Some of the information that can be stored is: Jobs description. Job address if different from main customer address. Allocated dates, days and time for the job. Click on “B” to find a suitable date. Select technicians for each selected date. Choose whether you wish to email the customer confirming the job. Change job status if default not suitable. Choose whether you want the job card printed upon saving. Save the job. An email will be sent to the technician’s manager if provided in settings.

11 Jobs - edit or complete a job This screen contains customer configuration details that can aid in modifying the job. To finalise a job, insert relevant details on the right hand side and save. Ensure correct job status is chosen as this will affect schedule and technician availability. If job dates have changed, an email will be sent to the technician’s manager if provided in settings. Choose whether you want the job card printed upon saving. Choose whether you wish to reprint the job card. If job finished date is provided and job status is “booked,” it will be set to closed upon saving. Provide accumulated productive/lost/travel time for each technician if closing the job. Change job status if default not suitable. Save the job.

12 Jobs Scheduler The job scheduler can be open by: Clicking on “Schedule” menu. Clicking on “B” when creating/editing a job. Job scheduler makes it possible to determine most suitable date to book the job. All screen elements give detailed information on mouse over. Screen elements are (from top to bottom): > arrows - move one week forward or backward. Busy bars (full red - overlooked, full green - fully booked, green incomplete - underbooked). Weekdays/dates - choose booking date by clicking. Job IDs/hours - jobs booked for that day. Unclassified - jobs that are on hold for to various reasons. Holidays/special days are marked in orange.

13 Notes/Email Add or delete notes, send emails to be kept on record, set call back reminders to contact the customer. Keep history of all customer communication. Include customised staff signatures (with pictures) as required. Contact note - general note about customer contact. Call back/follow up - make note to contact customer on a specific date. Email reminder can be requested. Email - send email to customer. Up to 3 files can be attached. Email/Calltrak - send email and make call back note with email reminder on a specific date (ie. regarding a quote etc).

14 Call Tracking Module An invaluable tool in determining the “health” and direction of your business. Allows you to determine what kind of calls are coming into your business and helps your prioritise company resources where needed during busy periods. Graphical and detailed reports by call category, staff and operator. Internal staff messaging via email and SMS - replaces paper notes. Customisable call categories. The module is available as an independent program.

15 Mobile Phone Module Developed specifically for mobile phone dealers, this module keeps track of all mobile phone contracts for your customers, allowing you to: Store multiple mobile phones per customer. Find mobile phones with expiring contracts for any date period. Find mobile phones connected through a specific service provider. Search for mobile phones from the main search screen.

16 Commissions If part of your company’s income is derived from commissions on calls made by your customers, this module will allow you easily track all such customers, commission rates, initial monthly spend and expected monthly income based on date commission started and date range selected. It can be used to crosscheck reports provided on a monthly basis by the Telco provider by uploading the report and let CommTrak perform the comparison and print any discrepancies.

17 Calendar/Tasks Easy to access calendar to log appointments, meetings and special events. Choose who you share your calendar with. View shared calendars of other staff. Set calendar events for reminders. Choose priority levels for calendar events. Reminders sent out via SMS or email. Keep track of tasks to be completed. View how busy you (or your staff) are at a glance. Technician bookings shown on calendar

18 Inventory Records stock movements. Itemised stock items with serial numbers. Keep track of your current stock levels. Detailed stock item history by date and serial number. Warranty tracking by date and serial number. See customer purchase history with full history of systems, parts and serial numbers if required. Displays low stock warnings.

19 Documents Stores documents, drawings, quotes, notes, etc. Fast access to any documents saved to customers. Stores multiple documents per customer. Documents sorted by date for easy access. Attach documents to jobs and notes. Manage documents from one central place. Link to documents on every screen - just click to open.

20 Reporting Various extensive reports are provided based on the user access level (Supervisor, etc): Customers report - find customer with expiring contracts, due contact dates, allocated to selected sales rep, etc. Jobs reports - find any job, past or future, based on status, type, date booked, phoned in, etc. Productivity report - find jobs with lost time, staff losing most time on average, etc. Call Tracking report - measure incoming calls, call categories, call traffic, reason for call and call recipient. Mobile phones report - find phones with expiring contracts, etc. Commissions report - keep track of commissions payable to you for any date range specified. Other customised reports are available at request.

21 Website: Try it yourself :Supervisor Peter001 Peter001 Operator Robert001 Robert001

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