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ESafe Reporter V3.0 eSafe Learning and Certification Program February 2007.

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1 eSafe Reporter V3.0 eSafe Learning and Certification Program February 2007

2 Slide 2 Agenda What is the eSafe Reporter? –eSafe Reporter Collection Agent –eSafe Reporter Configurator –eSafe Reporter Portal First Time Installation Importing Session Files Manually Defining eSafe Reporter Collection Agents eSafe Reporter Portal

3 Slide 3 eSafe Reporter An enterprise class reporting tool Over 30 predefined reports In-depth details on all the traffic inspected by eSafe Real-time or scheduled reports Posting reports via email Flexible data manipulation Historical trending and forensic analysis Can be accessed from anywhere

4 Slide 4 The eSafe Reporter Collection Agent Imports sessions.log files from all eSafe servers Exports the data to the SQL database

5 Slide 5 The eSafe Reporter Configurator Configuring eSafe Reporter to scan for sessions.log files Managing the database (aggregation and purge) Scheduling the generation of dashboard reports Defining mail server for sending alerts Viewing/updating the license

6 Slide 6 The eSafe Reporter Portal Generates more than thirty predefined real-time or scheduled statistical reports Reporter Scheduler can run and send individual reports by email, based on predefined parameters

7 Slide 7 Installing eSafe Reporter Prerequisites Installation Process Configuring eSafe Reporter Configuring eSafe Agent

8 Slide 8 Prerequisites: eSafe Reporter Requirements for the eSafe Reporter: –Windows 2000/2003/XP –Hardware: Processor: P4, Memory: 1GB RAM, Hard Disk: 40GB –Microsoft IIS Server v6.0 or greater –Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater

9 Slide 9 Prerequisites: eSafe Reporter Database Databases supported: –Microsoft SQL Server SP1 (MSDE, 2000, 2005) –Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP1 Express –Oracle 8i or greater Hardware: According to the network size

10 Slide 10 Installation Process 1.If necessary, uninstall any previous eSafe Reporter installations (Reporter Generator, Agent and MSDE). 2.Run the eSafe Reporter InstallShield Wizard.

11 Slide 11 Installation Process 3.Start the eSafe Reporter installation. 4.Define the installation path. 5.Finish the installation.

12 Slide 12 First Time Installation License Certificate –View or update your current eSafe Reporter License Certificate Click Change to enter a valid license

13 Slide 13 First Time Installation Log File Acquisition Settings screen Name of the eSafe machine from which logs will be taken. Path to the directory in which the log file is saved, and the name of the file. Use the * wildcard to include all files. Select the time zone parameters which characterize your device's configuration.

14 Slide 14 First Time Installation Log Source Treatment Window Log File Acquisition List and Properties. Select the checkboxes to instruct the eSafe Reporter not to add image, video, and/or audio files in the database.

15 Slide 15 First Time Installation The next steps are highlighted by the symbol

16 Slide 16 First Time Installation Database Settings Select Server Type and Server Name User ID and Password for the SQL Administrator User “netreport” is automatically created; password can be customized. You must select the Update Database check box each time you set parameters. eSafe Reporter can save log files in UTC format.

17 Slide 17 First Time Installation Task Scheduling In the 1 st time configuration you can only change the scheduled time or remove tasks. Click OK to continue.

18 Slide 18 First Time Installation 1.Define mail server for eSafe Reporter alerts. 2.Enter name or IP address of the SMTP server. 3.Click Test to verify connectivity.

19 Slide 19 First Time Installation 1.Click Apply. The process updates/creates the database. 2.Update configuration.

20 Slide 20 Importing Session Files Manually Change to the following directory: C:\Program_Files\NetReport\NetReport\Logs\Eng ine\Flatfile\Aladdin eSafe v5.2 Create a subfolder with an IP address/name of the eSafe machine. Manually place the session files in the newly created subfolder.

21 Slide 21 Importing Session Files Manually eSafe Reporter Configuration  Task Scheduling: –Action Database  Click on Run Now! The Reporter service automatically detects new files (every 10 sec.) and imports them to the SQL server.

22 Slide 22 Defining eSafe Reporter Collection Agent Define from which eSafe machines you wish to import the sessions.log files.

23 Slide 23 Defining eSafe Reporter Collection Agent Scheduling import of logs Performing database maintenance

24 Slide 24 Generating Scheduled Reports 1.Open eSafe Reporter Configuration. 2.Click on Scheduled Tasks Settings. 3.Select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Report. 4.Click Generate. 5.Click Run. 6.View report.

25 Slide 25 Generate Report Process System Monitor Performance –Open Administrative Tools –Click on Performance –Add NetReport Filter Engine instance counters –Monitor Counters

26 Slide 26 eSafe Reporter Portal Accessing the eSafe Reporter Portal –Locally: via the start menu –Remotely: via browser – HTTP://server_name/d7web Handle Connection –Login/Logout/Change Password eSafe Reporter –Generate eSafe Reports eSafe Utilities –Reporter Status Reports

27 Slide 27 Generate Reports Categories: –Scheduled Reports and Graphs –eSafe Content Filtering Statistics Report –eSafe General Statistics Reports –eSafe Malicious Content Reports –eSafe Email and Spam Reports –eSafe Web Reports –eSafe AppliFilter Reports

28 Slide 28 Generate Reports View available reports for each category View / Change report parameters

29 Slide 29 Generate Reports Report parameters can be edited Clicking on will generate the report in PDF format

30 Slide 30 Generate Reports The aggregation process can be monitored via the Event Monitor

31 Slide 31 The Final Report Report appears in the browser in PDF format

32 Slide 32 Summary eSafe Reporter First Time Installation eSafe Reporter Collection Agent eSafe Reporter Configurator eSafe Reporter Portal Generating Reports Monitoring the events

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