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1 | See the possibilities… Customer Relationship Management Overview Fusion 08 Matt Resong

2 | See the possibilities… Introduction Presenter Scope –High Level Overview – CRM Module Use Information contained within the CRM Basics session is reviewed here is less detail. –Reporting Capabilities –Management Review Audience –Anyone considering the CRM Module –Sales Manager’s –Management Team

3 | See the possibilities… Activities – What are they? An activity is a singular operation or process step –These can often times be associated to a distinct time frame. –These may be scheduled - calendar type events. –These may be associated to an account, contact, opportunity, and/or campaign. –These are normally “assigned to” or “performed by” someone. Examples: –Receiving an RFP from a prospect contact. –Sending an estimate to a customer. –Calling a prospect to discuss a project. –Follow-up meetings/calls to quote(s). –Internal Company Meeting.

4 | See the possibilities… Is this an Opportunity? An opportunity is any work or potential work either requested by or anticipated from a customer or prospect. Opportunities add to the sales pipeline. Opportunities are normally associated to many activities. Examples: –Prospect requests a quote for ACME Mailing Project. –Customer sends a new job to you, without a quote. –A prospect sends you an RFP.

5 | See the possibilities… A Campaign is a What ?! A campaign is a marketing or sales related effort being performed by your company. –Normally span a significant period of time – Weeks or Months. –Normally consists of many activities. The end result is to generate opportunities and sales leads. Examples: –Summer 2008 Mass Mailing to all Customers –Annual Customer Appreciation Event –Prospect E-mail marketing campaign

6 | See the possibilities… CRM Accounts Customer Accounts vs. Prospect Accounts –The primary functionality difference is the inability to create a job for a prospect account. Usage –Can be related to: Activities Opportunities and …

7 | See the possibilities… CRM Contacts A contact for an account contains different information than an account. Contacts can be prospect contacts or customer contacts. –A customer may have prospect contacts. –A prospect may not have customer contacts. Contacts can be associated to activities.

8 | See the possibilities… Account Entry and Use Creating anew –Account Categorization (Sales Info) options. Viewing an account –Can create account level notes here. –Review contacts, opportunities, and activities associated to account.

9 | See the possibilities… Contact Entry and Usage Creating –CRM specific information includes: Source Type Various Flags (Booleans) Usage –Creation of activities and notes within a contact. –Quick entry into the calendar.

10 | See the possibilities… CRM Activities Entry –Points of entry Direct Account, Contact or Campaign Automatically from an estimate –Information available for entry Calendar applicability –Activities are designed to show on a salespersons calendar via assigned to designation –Activity type determines icon –Status determines visibility

11 | See the possibilities… CRM Opportunities Creating a new opportunity –Points of entry Direct Account or Campaign Automatically from an estimate –Entry of an Opportunity Significance of Probability, Amount and Date Fields –Sales pipeline and Forecasting Existing Opportunities

12 | See the possibilities… CRM Campaigns Entry – Direct Existing Campaigns –Campaign Notes –Adding Activities –Adding Opportunities

13 | See the possibilities… CRM Calendar Points of Entry –From Account or Contact –Direct Viewing –Various “views” (Daily Weekly Monthly) and navigation. –Hovering over an item. –Clicking shows context menu. Adding new activities Specific salesperson calendar –Properly configured appliance shows only your activities. –View others by selecting from list.

14 | See the possibilities… CRM Reports Activity Reports –Activity List Determine activities and opportunities to display depending upon preference. Determine salesperson ID, only using a range if you want more than one salesperson's activities in the report. –Past Due Displays a list of activities shown as not yet completed for prior dates. Opportunity Reports –Opportunity List report shows a simple list of opportunities based upon parameters entered when the report is run. –Forecast Report displays information relative to dollars within the sales pipeline. Campaign List Report –Displays a simple list of campaigns and related information based upon parameters entered when the report is run.

15 | See the possibilities… A Salespersons Perspective Reviewing account activity Reviewing jobs in process Reviewing future opportunities

16 | See the possibilities… Why CRM? – A Management Perspective The employees will be able to work more efficiently. All employees with access to the data can get up to speed and assist customers and prospects at a moments notice in the absence of the standard contact. A global information store fosters information sharing intra- company and reduces training constraints for new employees. Able to make better sales related decisions as more detailed information exists. –What types of customers should we pursue? Defining a target market –What areas are we strong/weak in after a quote is done? Analyzing opportunities.

17 | See the possibilities… Aggregating Data Custom Reporting Possibilities –Standardized marketing letters Getting the most out of your data

18 | See the possibilities… Customer Relationship Management Overview Q & A

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