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Salesforce1 Mobile App Jan. 2015.

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1 Salesforce1 Mobile App Jan. 2015

2 About Salesforce1 Mobile App
The Salesforce1 mobile app is Salesforce1 on the go! This mobile app gives you real-time access on your phone or tablet, to the same information that they see in the office, but organized for getting work done faster when you’re between customer meetings, waiting for a flight...even when you’re in line for coffee.

3 How do I get Salesforce1? You can get Salesforce1 in 2 different ways:
As a downloadable app from the App Store and Google Play™. You can install it directly on Apple® and Android™ mobile devices. As a mobile browser app that runs in supported mobile browsers on Android, Apple, BlackBerry, and Windows 8.1 mobile devices. This option doesn’t require anything to be installed.

4 Getting Around in Salesforce1
Once downloaded Select App on device: Login:

5 Getting Around in Salesforce1
Once logged in to Salesforce1, the first thing you see is the feed landing page. The Feed The Chatter feed shows users their updates, updates to records and people they follow, and updates in groups they follow. Tapping a feed item displays all of the item’s details. Pulling down on the feed reveals the search bar 1. Search Bar 2. Sort and filter options 3. the feeds drop-down menu 4. and feed items From the feed, record pages, and from elsewhere in Salesforce1, users access actions from the action bar

6 Getting Around in Salesforce1
The Action Bar and Menu You can perform different actions in the action bar and action menu. From the action bar open the action menu, which contains the full set of actions that are available for the object. Common Actions Call or Log New Event Edit Record Clone Create New Contact New Task New Opportunity Action Bar Action Menu

7 Getting Around in Salesforce1
Salesforce1 Navigation Menu Anywhere users see      in Salesforce1, they can tap it to access the navigation menu. From here you can Access Search, your Feed or Tasks, Also Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Dashboard and other available object                                                              1. Search box (Search for Account, Contacts, Opportunities) 2. Menu items 3. Smart Search Items—includes a set of recently-searched objects in the Recent section and a larger set of supported objects under the More link 4. Apps section—Dashboards, etc.

8 Getting Around in Salesforce1
The Record View The record view is made up of three information pages, which you can swipe left and right to see.                                                                                   At the top of each record page is the record highlights area. Right Left 2. Record Detail 1. Record feed 3. Related Objects (Contacts, Opportunities, Contracts, Activities, etc.)

9 Getting Around in Salesforce1
1. Back arrow—returns to the previous page 2. Record Highlights 3. From the top of most pages, you can access your notifications (i.e. Tasks or other notifications) 3

10 Tips & Tricks for Using Salesforce1
Log a call with or without calling by simply clicking on the Log a Call Icon Call a contact by touching their phone number and when you are done with the call log your call right from the App. Click TASKS under the Navigation Menu . Here you will see the tasks you need to complete. Once you’ve selected the task you need to work, you can then click through to the actual contact record. From here you can click the phone icon and it will automatically call contact! As soon as you hang up the call with contact, Salesforce 1 will automatically take you to the log a call menu auto-populated with contact’s information. Now you fill in your comments, save the call, then click the back arrow in the top left to go back to the original task and click on icon to mark it completed! a contact by touching the address or clicking the right from the App

11 More Tips & Tricks for Using Salesforce1
To update an Opportunity without loading all Opportunity fields click on the icon on an Opportunity Record to only edit Stage, Close Date, and $ fields. Click on blue text to go to that record Click on an address or select Map in the Action Menu to map the address

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