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Starter Task: Homework check & take-up. p. 212 # 1a, 2, 4, 10a & c.

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1 Starter Task: Homework check & take-up. p. 212 # 1a, 2, 4, 10a & c.

2 Immigration Learning objective: To explore Canada’s immigration history, why people immigrate and how someone becomes an immigrant.

3 Immigration and Canada Immigrants and their descendants make up 98% of Canada’s population. Our nation is referred to as multicultural

4 Activation: Class Discussion Look at the pie graphs on p 214. Which data set comes from a geography class in a small town? An urban centre? How do you know? Look at fig 18 – 2 p 214. When are the peaks of immigration? When are the lulls? Look at fig 18 – 3. Why do you think Canada such a popular destination for immigration?

5 Demonstration Task: this! Get into groups of 4 or 5. Use p. 218-220 as a reference. What are some reasons to leave your home country? What is an intervening obstacle? What is a refugee?

6 Why Leave your Home Country? PUSH FACTORS: Not enough land Poverty – can’t get ahead of subsistence Natural disasters War/civil unrest Farm machines – less jobs for workers

7 INTERVENING OBSTACLES Factors that discourage or even stop a person from immigrating include:  Distances  Costs of immigration  Immigration requirements

8 Refugee s  Fears persecution or death in their home country  They must prove their lives are at risk or their rights are being infringed upon  Special category: victims of natural and human disasters (famine or war)

9 Independent Immigrants Skilled workers: Receive 70 points on complicated system used to identify which immigrants will be most successful in Canada half of all immigrants. Top 5 source countries for skilled workers: China, Pakistan, India, Taiwan, Iran Over 50% aged 25 to 64 have a post- secondary degree. Business immigrants: Have a significant contribution of Canada’s economy establish/buy business which creates at least one job outside their own family 25 points to join entrance to Canada

10  Allows families to be reunited by bringing their relatives to Canada  Must be sponsored by a family member already in Canada, providing financial support for the new immigrant for 10 years if they have difficulty

11 Let’s look at the STATS.

12 At your table BRAINSTORM & prepare an answer!  Give 3 reasons why these top 4 provinces are the most attractive destinations for immigrants.

13 Reflection Task: What are some reasons you would consider moving to another country. Any ideas where you would go? Why? Did you achieve your learning objective? Why or why not?

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