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Canadian Immigration.

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1 Canadian Immigration

2 Canadian Immigration Every year, over 200,000 people are allowed to enter Canada as permanent residents. They complete an application process that provides them with an opportunity for a new life in Canada. Once approved, an individual is able to enjoy almost all the same rights as citizens of Canada (with the exception of voting privileges and unlimited stays when traveling outside of Canada). The process of obtaining permanent residency in Canada is complex and time consuming.

3 Canadian Immigration by Top 10 Source Countries, 2008
China 29 336 12% India 24 549 10% Philippines 23 724 9.5% USA 11 216 4.5% United Kingdom 9 243 3.7% Pakistan 8 052 3% South Korea 7 245 2.9% France 6 384 2.6% Iran 6 010 2.4% Colombia 4 995 2% Source: Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Facts and Figures 2008: Immigration Overview, 2008.

4 Three main categories:
1. Family Class Family members already living in Canada sponsor applicants; Also includes international adoption; In 2008, 23% of all immigrants to Canada

5 2. Independent Class/ Economic Immigrants
Skilled workers, entrepreneurs and investors; In 2008, 64% of all immigrants to Canada

6 3. Refugees Must prove that their life is in danger because of war, natural disaster or discrimination based on their race, religion, nationality or political opinion; In 2008, 9% of all immigrants to Canada 26% of refugees to Canada come from Mexico Why? To escape Mexico’s violent drug war To escape discrimination 13% come from Haiti

7 Canadian Immigration by Metropolitan Area, 2008

8 Immigration by Province and Territory 2008

9 Works Cited “Canada’s Immigration Mandate”. Population Reference Bureau Online. Oct. 25, Mandate.aspx# “Facts and Figures.” Citizenship and Immigration Canada Online. Oct. 27,

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