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Meagan Carreira, Kyle Souza, Cassidy Gomes, Kevin Dickinson.

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1 Meagan Carreira, Kyle Souza, Cassidy Gomes, Kevin Dickinson

2  Came to throne in 1855 during the Crimean War.  His reign represented the pattern of reform and repression used by his father and grandfather. (Alexander I & Nicholas I)

3  He implemented a universal military service, and a legal reorganization.  He wanted to re-evaluate the foreign policy.  He displayed a passion for helping orphans, as well as children.  He made personal relationships with some of the children orphaned by the Crimean War.  Alexander said, “I cannot tell you that I totally oppose this; we live in an era in which this must eventually happen.

4  This quote (previous slide), tells us that he wasn’t completely against freeing the serfs, because he knew it would have to happen sometime.  Some people revolted, and this is what caused Alexander to change his beliefs, and agree to freeing the serfs.  With the idea of emancipation, serfs finally had the rights and it gave them a new look at society.  Serfs, could now have jobs that payed them, and their social class became more like a real society.

5  The downfall of emancipation, took place when things looked like they were all good, but their were setbacks as well.  Even though the serfs did receive land and property rights, it wasn’t enough to let their family live comfortably.  So along with how society was back then, the serfs were still at the bottom of the food chain, and the upper class was winning the fight for economic fairness.

6  Emancipation Manifesto- freed the serfs in Russia  Personal Serfdom would be abolished.  1864 – allowed each district to set up a Zemstvo  1870- Improved municipal government  1874- universal military training  Also encouraged expansion of industry and the railway network  His reforms didn’t satisfy liberals or radicals.

7  Reforms in agriculture also disappointed peasants.  1876- established a land & liberty  The Russian court system was reformed

8  Set up an elected assemblies called zemstovs.  Held responsible for matters such as road repairs, school and agriculture.

9  Alexander II was killed by a bomb thrown in the street by a member of the peoples will group.  Organized in 1879  Employed terrorism and assassination in their attempt to overthrow Russia’s czarist autocracy  Succeeded by his 36 year old son, Alexander III  Alexander II’s assassins were arrested and hanged and the peoples will was thoroughly suppressed.

10  An/Alexander-II.html#ixzz2IFqFIUZw An/Alexander-II.html#ixzz2IFqFIUZw  lexander2.htm lexander2.htm  The History textbook provided.  der_II.aspx

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