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Formatting Business Documents

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1 Formatting Business Documents
Letters and Memos

2 Letter Format Typing (Keying) Paragraphing White space
Single spacing with double-spacing between paragraphs. Errors should not be corrected after printing. Paragraphing Breaks should be at logical points in message EVEN appearance White space Center letter VERTICALLY on page

3 Letter Formatting Parts of a Letter
Letterhead Dateline Inside Address Attention Line Salutation Subject Line Body Complimentary Closing Signer’s identification (signature lines) Reference initials Enclosure reminder CC Notation


5 Letter Formatting Styles
Blocked Style (or Full-Block) All letter parts begin at left margin. Most common. Fastest arrangement to prepare. Modified Block Date line, complimentary closing, signature lines begin at center of line (does not mean center horizontally) Can have indented paragraphs or non-indented paragraphs Simplified All parts begin at left margin as in block style. No salutation – Subject line is included in All Caps No complimentary close Signature block is All Caps




9 Letter Formatting Punctuation Style
OPEN No punctuation is used after the salutation and complimentary close. STANDARD or MIXED Punctuation included after salutation and complimentary close. Be consistent – don’t put punctuation after “Dear Mr. Smith,” but forget to put punctuation after “Sincerely”

10 Letter Formatting Placement on Page
If a one-page letter, center “vertically” on page. Word: Page Setup, Layout, Page, Vertical Alignment—Center A 2-inch top margin may also be appropriate. Leave at least 1-inch at the bottom of the page if 2-page letter. Spacing Single-spaced body with double-spacing between paragraphs. REFER TO SECTION 13 OF THE GREGG REFERENCE MANUAL FOR MORE INFORMATION.

11 The format of a memo is more flexible.
Memo Formatting Traditional Memo TO FROM DATE SUBJECT Simplified Memo Headings are omitted Format is more like a simplified letter The format of a memo is more flexible.


13 Memo Formatting Use 1-inch top margin Use Plain Paper (not letterhead)
Use 1-inch side margins Make guide words (TO, FROM, DATE, SUBJECT) All Caps. Double-space guide words. 2 to 3 spaces between SUBJECT and body of memo. Set a tab so entries following guide words will all block at left.


15 Letters and Memos Templates
In Word (and other word processing programs), there are templates that make formatting these documents easier.

16 Folding and Inserting Letters In Envelopes

17 Assignment for Next Week
KEY letters and memos assignment (for a grade). Handout. READ Chapter and DO Checkpoints for Chapter 3: Developing Business Messages. Complete Applications: 1: a through e only 2: a through e only 3: All 5: a, b, c only 7: a, b, c only 15: a through e only 18: use Editing Symbols in Appendix B

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