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Time Management Center for Academic Student Achievement.

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1 Time Management Center for Academic Student Achievement

2 Identify any time management issues Procrastinating  Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today Handling Work Load  Finish a few assignments at a time, break up larger assignments Socializing  Learn to say NO!

3 Decision making What needs to be done first? What can I do with my free time? Should I go out with friends or study?

4 Making a plan Create a “To-Do” list and prioritize assignments  Work on harder/time-sensitive assignments first Set deadlines  Deadlines will help you avoid procrastinating Break down large assignments  Smaller tasks will help you stay productive

5 Planning Semester calendars help remind you about important dates Weekly planners are a good way to plan for upcoming events Daily planners can be more specific

6 Take a break Schedule short breaks regularly If you feel fatigued or frustrated, step away If an emergency arises, it’s ok to change your schedule Flexibility is a must

7 Out-of-class obligations Extracurricular Activities  Sports, Greek Life, other organizations Working  No more than 15 hrs. a week is recommended for Freshmen students  Find a job that understands you’re in college and works with your schedule (On campus)

8 Reward yourself! Schedule time for yourself Do something that makes you happy Remember, this is college… If you WORK hard, its okay to PLAY hard!

9 Remember… Plan to get help early in the semester ◦ It’s easier for others to help you if you plan ahead Make a daily schedule ◦ Planning your day-to-day will help you accomplish more Schedule time to hang out with friends ◦ Releasing stress is important (Exercising is also good!)

10 TIME MANAGEMENT TIPS 1) Find out where you're wasting time 2) Create time management goals 3) Implement a time management plan 4) Use time management tools

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